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Google Keyword Planner :: The New Addition of Keyword Research

There are two hot news are waiting for IM’s in the whole world. One is good and another is bad. The bad news is we are going to lose our favorite Google Adword tool which was very easy and effective to marketers for keyword research. And the good news is we are going to get more powerful keyword research tool from Google. Google named it ‘Keyword Planner’. Actually it is a mixed version of Google Keyword Tool and Google Traffic Estimator. It brings better result for PPC advertisers. But, the IM’s thought that it also helpful for those researchers who use this tool for SEO purpose. From now you can find out the area based search result by this tool!

What is Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

In a nutshell, Google keyword planner is the latest version of keyword research. It is a combined form of Google’s Keyword tool and Traffic Estimator. It will be easier to research keyword now by keyword planner. In this topic, Google says that,

“With Keyword Planner, we’ve combined the functionality of Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator to make it easier to plan search campaigns. As you start to use Keyword Planner, you’ll likely notice some differences between Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool.”

Actually Google makes an easier process of creating ad groups and campaigns in Google. The internet marketers can easily do pay-per-click promotion for their website now more easily than before. We all know that Google always prefer to keep satisfied their advertisers and this is another step of this issue. By the way, this tool has some special features that we always miss in the previous days. Like as, now we can find out the local search trend of a keyword. It gives more specific result than previous.

Changes between former keyword tool and coming keyword tool:

Keyword Research by Google KW Planner

  1. Local monthly search & global monthly search: Now, these two columns are replaced by “Average monthly searches”. But, you also can get the local monthly search by targeting your targeted city and you can get global monthly search by targeting all locations.
  2. Ad share: Ad share is also removed from new keyword research tool. What we get instead of it we don’t know yet. Google says that,
    “This column has been removed. We’re working on a new column that will give you insight into ad impression share data.”
  3. Google search network: It is removed but you can get the result by selecting ‘Google and search partners’.
  4. Search share: This option is removed entirely.
  5. Approx. CPC (search): It is replaced by “Average CPC”. It will show more accurate data.
  6. Local search trend: It is removed from this tool but when you download your keywords, it shows in the excel sheet.
  7. Extracted from webpage: It is also removed from this tool but when you download your keywords, it shows in the excel sheet.

How Does Keyword Planner Work?

After log in to your Google keyword planner you’ll get three choices. You have to choose one for start your keyword research. These are:

ü  Search for Keyword and Ad Group Ideas

ü  Enter or Upload Keywords to get Estimates

ü  Multiply keyword lists to get Estimates

Search for Keyword and Ad Group Ideas

This option will help you to find out the most searchable keywords on Google. When you want to make a new campaign you should try this feature. We used it in Google Adword before. Here you have three options to find out your desired keyword. These are:

ü  Your Product or Service: You can type your target keyword here and get the result.

ü  Your Landing Page: If you put any webpage in this option, you will get a list of keywords which Google find by scanning that page.

ü  Your Product Category: Here, Google makes thousands of product categories. Choose from these keywords.

Search result for your desired location: You can target any area to find out the search result of this area only. It is one of the best features of Google Keyword Planner. At first remove the default country which is targeted.  Now add your target city or area to find out the area based search result. When you need to know the whole country’s search result, then write your desired country’s name down to the ‘location’ option.KW Planner Search Result Location

Filter your keywords: Here you find the common features of Google adword by which we filter our keywords. The options are:

ü  Average monthly search: Just write down the amount how much visitor you want. You also have the ‘more than’ or ‘less than’ search facility.

ü  Average CPC: You can select the amount of Cost-Per-Click you want. You also have the ‘more than’ or ‘less than’ search facility.

ü  Competiton: Mark the check box of competition. You have three options; low, medium and high.Keyword Planner Filtering

After finish all this task press the ‘Get Ideas’ button. You’ll get your preferred keywords here. You can also change or modify your demands. In the left bar of the page, you’ll find your targeting area, language, and search engine. Here is a modify option if you want to change anything. By default the search engine option is taken by Google, but if you want to get the all search engines result just click on the word ‘Google’ and select ‘Google and search partners’.keyword research tool free

There is a rumor that Google Keyword Planner doesn’t show the exact result. To get the exact result, just click on the ‘keyword ideas’. Now you’ll get the exact result.
KW Planner Tool by Google

Enter or upload keywords to see how they perform

It is the 2nd way to get keywords from Keyword Planner.

Entering Keywords in Google Tool

This option is mostly like the former keyword estimator. To use this option, keep keyword or keywords in the box. To get specific result like broad match, phrase match, exact match etc, just use punctuation with the keyword. Then, you will get the detail estimates.
Researching a Keyword

It will help you to add a new campaign for your promotion. It gives more specific search result for your niche keyword. If you are a pro user of the former tool you can find out the difference between them.

Multiply Keywords Lists

This is the last and another great way to find out your keywords. It is an innovative and incredible feature of keyword planner tool. You’ll be amazed to use this option. So, let’s see how it works.Multiply Keyword Lists

It will help you to find the niche keywords of your topic and you get the long tail keyword easily from here. It will give you the all possible keywords from the market you want. You have to make at least 3 columns to get search volume of your keywords.

So, last of all we can say that Google Keyword Planner is a latest addition of Google which is a combination of Google’s keyword tool and estimator tool. At the end of the day, PPC advertisers will be the main benefiter of this product. It is very helpful to make ad groups and campaigns. This tool is not open for every Adword account holder. If you are a lucky person you could get this by now. If you don’t get it yet, don’t be tensed, you are going to get it within a few days, I bet!

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  1. Dear thanks a lot for your interesting article about Google service. I know Gooogle always try to make more user friendly version of their service and this an important step to make Google keyword planner more useful.This is really an interesting article and I really enjoyed the post.

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