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Powerful YouTube Marketing That Works In 2013

Everybody knows that YouTube is the world’s largest online video site. YouTube is a great Social Media to brand your company or organization or increase your selling.

Why people go to YouTube? Why did you go to YouTube? Video is a great source of learning something easily. That’s why we use YouTube mostly.

YouTube is the hottest way for video marketing in 2013. There are many successful businesses which run by only YouTube videos. This is such a site which started from 0 videos and now it is a community of infinitive traffics worldwide.

72 hours of video is being uploaded every minute in YouTube, can you imagine how much bigger this amount?

Let’s know about this gigantic and astonishing info of YouTube here:

youtube marketing 2013

Some  Facts of YouTube!

  1. The site “www.youtube.com” was started at 14th February, 2005.
  2. The first video was uploaded in April named “me at the zoo”.
  3. Google buys YouTube in 2006 by 1.65 billion dollar.
  4. First major update in December 2011.
  5. For the very first time in history it makes the record of four billion views of YouTube video in January 2012 and visitors show 46,296 videos per second.

Interesting Data of YouTube in 2013 Which You Never Knew!

  1. More than 800 million monthly unique visitors, which is more than whole Europe’s population!
  2. More than 72 hours video uploaded every minute in YouTube.
  3. More than one million partner program members.
  4. World’s second largest search engine. It has more search volume than the gross total search volume of yahoo, bing and ask.
  5. Four billion hours of video viewed each month.

So, what you find out from these facts and figures? No doubt about it that YouTube is a platform where you can find millions of visitors. But it totally depends on your product whether it gets any traffic or not. Generally people use YouTube as because video is more powerful way to show something than written content.

But, the most important fact of YouTube marketing is your market. You may hopefully think that there are billions of YouTube viewers, so you also get huge visitors in your video. But, the fact is YouTube can’t give you visitors if your targeted audiences have no video demand in your market.

There is a Keyword tool for YouTube  you can use to analyze your market from where you can know about how much visitors use your keyword in YouTube.

Here, I show it in a table. Carefully analyze it; you also catch the difference between YouTube search and Google search.

Keywords  Global Monthly Search (Google) Global Monthly Search (YouTube)
car insurance  5,000,000 8,700





The table just shows the main idea of YouTube search volume. You don’t need to see any video to know about “car insurance”, but if you search any “funny” things, video is must see. So, now keep your eyes on the search volume of those keywords. Now, check your keyword in YouTube’s keyword tool. You get the result whether your market is eligible for YouTube or not.

Use YouTube as your SEO strategy.

I found 10 powerful reasons to use YouTube as my first and foremost SEO strategy this year. I think it also helps you to increase your sell and branding your product. Let’s come to the point.

  1. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine. That’s why it is your 2nd largest market to get traffic too!
  2. Google shows YouTube in their SERP result with high priority.
  3. When people want to learn something, they use YouTube much than any other social network.
  4. There are a huge amount of visitors who don’t like to read blog. YouTube is their main priority. Last 6 years video views are increased by 800%!
  5. All competitors in your target market are not active in YouTube. You should take this advantage!
  6. A video can easily describe anything better than written content.
  7. YouTube continuously gives you traffic. So, you always get a huge number of viewers by YouTube.
  8. YouTube is available in all kinds of screens like PC, mobile, tablet. For this reason it is reliable to all class of people.
  9. A video is much better to branding your product than any written content.
  10.   Video is easier way to get your visitors attraction than any other media.

So, what is your point here? Isn’t it clear now? I bet, you will be astonished after using YouTube as your main strategy.

Top 10 strategies to rank your video in YouTube.

In my past experience I noticed some factors that help to rank my video easily in YouTube. I wish it also helps you if you implement these strategies in your video. Let’s talk about the strategies.

  1. Keep your video short.
  2. Target your actual audience.
  3. Use perfect title with your keyword.
  4. Use your keyword in description.
  5. Choose the perfect thumbnail.
  6. Promote your video in social media.
  7. Use your brand in the video.
  8. Use your website’s link in description.
  9. Use background music to attract your viewers.
  10.  Edit your video regular.

Last of all, I again want to say that check your market again and again. YouTube isn’t golden goose for all market; I showed it before in the table sheet. Keep in mind that people use YouTube to learn something, to enjoy something, to watch something more easily. Video is better way to show something than blog. Just use this advantage and make a booster in your business.

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