Updated: 7 May, 2018

Why the DevsTeam is Created & Who’s Behind of It?

DevsTeam is a Technology based company created by some young entrepreneurs from Bangladesh who loves the Technology involved with our as usual daily based working arena and loves to stay with it for their entire life. The brand name DevsTeam mainly represents the first names of all of the Co-Founder of this company and the preffix Dev means Developer and this is exactly what we are alike. Shortly DevsTeam equals to Dev-Developer, STEAMShamim, Taher, Eunus, Al-Amin & Masud.

Location of DevsTeam DevsTeam

This company is lcoated at:

DevsTeam, Suit# 1212, Level#12, Multiplan Center,

69-71 Elephant Road, Dhaka-1205.

So, if you need to enroll in any Training courses or require any web related services that is being offered by DevsTeam you can contact them directly or mail them by using the quotes form.

Reasons to create DevsTeam

We know, there are lots of web development firms, web designing firm, SEO and Internet Marketing Solutions providing firm along with Courses & Training centers available in Bangladesh and most of these have already been established. Now there is a big issue which you should consider that; how much affordable they are; how much authority they have, and how many trainers of these have popularity and face values that we have.

You can’t see the light of success until you face to mentor who are already established in their platform and your online business will never see any successful conversations until you develop your business portal by the peoples who are already in the same industry and have been successful already. This is the reason; we the 5 guys have decided to accumulate our experiences and success schemes into a single area; which causes the company- DevsTeam.

We also have found lots of scam and worth-less training center all around in Bangladesh where the money making business is running actually but not the effective training that you expected. This is another reason of why we have launched our training program for you. We really want to see your success and we want to see each of the educated peoples are far away from the unemployment problem.

Guys behind of DevsTeam

DevsTeam has been created by 5 awesome guys who are already famous on their own platform and are well-experienced too.

  • Al-Amin Kabir: He is the Chief Executive Officer of This Company.
  • Eunus Hosen: He is the damn Chief Technical Officer of DevsTeam.
  • Abu Taher  Sumon: He is the Chief Marketing Officer of DevsTeam.
  • Masudur Rashid: He is the Chief Finance Officer of DevsTeam.
  • Nasir Uddin Shamim: He is the Chief Communication Officer of DevsTeam.

Luckily each guys of this team is highly dedicated, industrious, sincere, honest and working as a family. Hope, DevsTeam is be a leading IT based company of this country within very shorter and will get lots of exposure in the International Market by their awesome services and products. Best Luck DevsTeam.

About Nasir Uddin Shamim

I am one of the Co-Founders of DevsTeam. Trying my best to provide you bunch of awesome articles here from my experiences. Follow me on my SEO Blog or in Twitter for constant updates of useful resources. Thank You!


  1. Wow awesome! DevsTeam is cool. Didn’t know you took names of the 5 founders. That’s very cool. All the success awaits for you. I will visit you guys and the training facility very soon. So many people ask me for a good training institute. Now I see the time has come to direct them to the right place.

    • Thank you very much bro. We the DevsTeam mates was really in stuck when we started our Internet Marketing Journey long ago. We had to struggle a lot and was seeking the proper guidelines of Money Making online methods or related skills to earn money desperately. It took lots of time ….and we don’t want other Bangladeshi guys to spend their valuable time like us. Thats why basically this Institute has been founded. Hope, we will always be with the Bd peoples at the right time and we badly need the suggestions and feedback from the peoples like you.

      Thanks again.

  2. Hello,

    I am a Web Designer. Really want to with you,sir. Here is my work sample– https://profiles.google.com/designer.samad
    and my client comment on me —

    waiting for your reply

    Best Regards,
    Abdul samad

  3. Great initiative. I hope now at least some people will know that dolancer types are not the right solution of online earning. Carry on brothers- hope to meet you soon.

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