Updated: 2 Nov, 2012

Why I’ve Quitted From My Govt. Job & Decided To Work Fulltime in DevsTeam

Eventually, I am going to take one of the major and crucial decisions of my life. After lots of thinking, dilemma and confusion; I have finally decided to leave my present full time govt. job of BJMC. Whether this has been a weird and risky decision or not; I am finally going to stick with it. Life isn’t all about doing the same tasks again and again even every day. To me, life is all about facing new challenges each day, overcoming the obstacles and going bed with a smiling face after solving all the problems I have faced at whole day.

Most importantly; I am planning to work full-time with other DevsTeam mates means nothing but working passionately at the same place where my friends are working too whom I love the most, where I feel love to work spontaneously without being tensed and where we united do the exact same Geeky stuffs that I personally always love to do.Nasir Uddin Shamim Quitted BJMC Job

I believe one can shine his life by igniting his will of what he basically loves to working with. One can shine his life by taking risk of leaving present good workspace to have betterment on their life and of-course there are lots of example of such bold decisions taker who have eventually been successful on their life and taken to a supreme height where s/he never think of going. And this is the ultimate and absolute meaning of life: experimenting, switching, enjoying the lifestyle and overcoming the challenges.

I have thought about tentative post-quitting situation. I didn’t find a single reason to keep my present govt. job going. Actually that job isn’t my type. Rather, here in DevsTeam- my passion and dream requires me to stay on. I should dedicate myself to make this company internationally recognized and famous in all over the world. I should contribute my skills full time here in DevsTeam to generate maximum revenue that this Company should be earning.

I will manipulate my communication and managerial experiences  that I gained from my previous govt job on DevsTeam from now! Here in DevsTeam I will be working on Services, Communication and Copywriting. Hope I will be able to explode my brilliancy and creativity here.

Anyways, I quit. And I am in, to DevsTeam, to make my dreams come true, to fly on the bigger dream where sky is the only limit. Just pray for me guys.

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  1. Hello Shamim Vai,
    This is actually a tough decision for anyone. (not only for you). I am software engineering students, now I am thinking what will actually give me flow software engineering or writing. This is like a dilemma, a vigorous thinking I have ever found in my life. But I know the words If you have a passion on something, try to do it otherwise you will not bring proper success, you just insult your career, insult your passion and also insult your life.
    I think your decision was right, you will find your way. We always pray for you and your team mates.
    Anyway, I hope you and your team will bring for us as well as for our country. Thanks a lot.

  2. Great decision!

  3. Congratulation! Dosto………….. 😀

  4. In essence the right decision

    all the best 🙂

  5. Bold move! Hope your path to success will be as smooth as it can be ,.,.

  6. i wish your success for your life for what you have taken such tough decision. we always run after the job which is our dream but you have quit from the job. the success you will get will be the example to think by young generation beyond the so called dream like job.

  7. Congratulation Shamim Bhai. Hope our journey will be more smoother!!
    We will bang the world again! 🙂

  8. Afsar Uddin says

    Great thinking dear!!! Wanna see you Everest height!

  9. Congrats mate! I am very much happy to get you in touch 🙂

  10. Ohh,,,Congratzz Shamim Vai,,, 🙂
    I think you will do more better from Disgusting Job Life 😀

  11. Alim Tasnim says

    Dear Shamim vai,

    All the Best to you.I think Its a good decision.I appreciate your thought.May Allah give you the energy to fulfill your dream.


  12. piash islam says

    wish u all the best….i have the same plan bro

  13. Hats off to you!

    It was a brave decision. You just kicked off the provident fund, pension fund, social recognition and the secured employment.

    I can imagine that right now your friends and family members must have going nuts over you, but it is your life and you know it better.

    So prove them wrong and show them that you will have a better life than the RAT RACE.

  14. Hi Shamim vai, it was great decision. We hope you will carry your luxurious dream and we always pray for you and your team mates.

  15. Shamim vai, finally you have decided to leave Khulna. This is a very bad news for me. I will always miss you. Anyway, I wish you best of luck. May Allah help you always in every step of your life.

  16. Best Of Luck Shamim Bhaia.. 🙂

  17. Arif Ahamed says

    I don’t even know you but I know you on another way that is your thinking and attitude toward life

  18. Actually, I think it is fully depended on you !
    If you are satisfied to work with DEVSTEAM, then Your decision is 100% correct.

  19. I think your may take decision right or wrong . All Most you take one kind of challenge, to carry this challenge you must hard work. All the best carry on Brother.

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