Updated: 12 Jan, 2017

Why a Professional Looking LOGO is Important for a Company?

A logo is an identity. Logos and marks have been used to identity groups, landmarks or business. Custom symbols/emblems are used to identify and sometimes also describes the business or group and their activities.

Today we see logos everywhere from laptops to the very cloths we wear. To find out the first use of symbols we should go to religions. In ancient religions people used symbols to identify different gods, religions, meeting places, etc.

In the competition to capture market different business houses came up their own symbols to differentiate themselves from others. Defining through symbol is the most popular way to make people recognize a single entity. A logo can be a symbol which is easily recognizable or an icon or image and even a simple typography can be used as a logo to identify a particular entity. As a new entrepreneur, you need it most, because there are already a lot of brands in the market competing with you.

Brands are portrayed by their Logo

Brands may contain some images, some texts or both. This is like an attachment, when a brand logo is presented, the whole product concept is presented. This is how IBM, Microsoft, Google did business. This will tell you what your company name is and how popular you are.

Logo differentiates the product

Modern marketing strategies are depending on identity and differentiating products. From industrial age at 1920s, people started branding formally to identify their products. What will people do if the same product is offered by two companies? Color, shape, tastes can be differentiated, but the easy way is logo branding. This is how logo suits for you.
Logo must be professional
Let’s take two logo here –

good logo VS bad logo

Which one does attract you? First one or second one? Both are real company logos. But by seeing the first one you’ll have an impression that the company just didn’t care about the logo. They wanted to identify themselves and they did it. And the second one? People will think that they cared for the logo, they work with polished mind and they have a strong value with their logo. Obviously the second one will attract more people and make them interested about their products. Now you think which one should be called professional. I hope you’ve found the necessity of a professional logo in business. Because logo effect on customer’s mind.
Logo will be unique

popular logos

Now take popular logos. You can take examples of Facebook and Myspace. Both logos are in blue color but which one is most popular. Both are social networking sites but the logo will tell you which one is better for you. Most of the choices are facebook. Why? Because somehow they did the right marketing thing. But you don’t need to study the business cases of both companies; just logos will tell you which is what. You will understand the difference. This is why logo must be unique, whatever logo you use.

So, at last I can say, professional logo can build a bridge between your products/services and your company. Logo will ensure which brand is a unique, service type, their trustworthiness and so on. So while designing your logo please guide your designer to describe your product, choose the right color and make the right marketing mix into the logo.

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