Updated: 12 Aug, 2012

What Is The Better Way To Monetize A Blog? – A Poll From DevsTeam

Some days ago a Poll was initiated in our DevsTeam Official Fan Page about which is the best monetization process for the Bloggers? And that poll was confined in between two monetization sector as Google Adsense or any other PPC Networks and Affiliation.
Well, lots of DevsTeam mates, fans, interns and some of our Friends shared their opinions on that Poll Board. We have decided to quote that comments and opinions here:-DevsTeam's Poll about Google Adsense and Affiliation

CTO of BLogkori Tamal Anwar said:

Both the Adsense and Affiliation is better for Monetization.

Crystal Heart said:

Google Adsense is best for Monetization a Blog.

Ibrahim Quayum RX Said:

Affiliate Product Promotion is Boss 🙂

DevsTeam’s CEO Al-Amin Kabir Said:

Affiliation is best I think..

Golam Kibria Tareq Said:

1 by a fair margin”. Here 1 meant to be Google Adsense.

DevsTeam’s CTO Eunus Hosen  Said:

Affiliation :). Its because an Affiliate sales gives you more money than 20 of Adsense Clicks.

CEO of NextGen IT Saidur Rahman Rhedoy Said:

My vote goes to Adsense for now.

Md Sazzad Hossain Oli Said

Affiliate Product Promotion.

Younus Ali Sakib Said:

Adsense and Affiliation both are better for monetization

CEO of OutsourceBD Nahid Hasan Said:

affiliate products.

Ali Haidar Tanshir Said:

It depends on the niche.

Wish Master Said:

Affiliate of-course. Google is a lengthy way for BD bloggers.

Nazmul Hasan Nahid Said:

I think it goes toward affiliate….

CEO of Dueza IT Riaz Uddin Rony Said:

Affiliation, Affiliation and Affiliation..then Blogging. But To do Good in Affiliation You must be a Good Blogger also.

Mirza Ileush Cornell Said:

I guess Still google adsense for Amjonota. Affiliate for the expert blogger who r talent enough to bring the visitors.

Observing the above comment on our DevsTeam Poll; it is clearly shown that most of the votes were gone to Affiliation. But here is my sneak-peak. Let’s see what I commented:-

To me: Adsense. Its because, in affiliation; you must have to sale something. And a sales depends upon how enticing your Copy is and how much trustworthy you are.But in Adsense, you just have to provide the information that the visitorswere looking for. They come to your site, scans content and if anything more they need to know; just click on the Ads to meet that goal.So, Adsense is profitable in the sense of simplicity. You guys can kick the butt easily. 🙂

This is all about the Poll Result. Hope you guys, who are in a dilemma of which monetization method you should be opted in have found the right way to go.

This kind of Poll will regularly be posted in our DevsTeam Official Fan Page. Hope you guys will participate there spontaneously and will give me the chance to mention your name on our next DevsTeam Blog post.  Thank You. 🙂

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  1. Adsense and Affiliation both are better for monetization but it’s depended on websites position and types of visitor.

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