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Why Web Apps Are Superior Than Desktop Based Apps?

The development of software’s application began with the desktop application. Desktop application could be first of all used by the single computer users such as laptop or a desktop in order to perform some specific and limited tasks only. Within the advancement in the field of technology and internet as well as online ecommerce, web page applications gained popularity and importance over the desktop applications. Let we define both in some detail:

Desktop Based Applications

Desktop based application means any software that installed on single computer such as laptop or desktop. This installed software is used to perform some specific functions and tasks on computers such as word processors and media players etc. In networked environment some desktop based applications are also used by the multiple users.

Web Based Applications

Within the advent of internet and ecommerce and internet marketing, the web based applications gained popularity over the desktop application. Most o individuals now prefer web based applications rather than desktop applications. With the help of web based application the user of internet can perform variety of tasks and functions. The web based applications is usually made on the client server and use a web browser as the client interface. This is the main reason of web based applications popularity over the desktop application.Web Apps Vs Deskto Apps

Usually web based application have just few advantages over the desktop application, there are very narrow and lesser chanced of becoming desktop applications outdated. The main reason for this is that legalities and security issues are associated with the web based application.

Some main advantages and effective features of web based applications that make them unique and superior over desktop based applications are as follows.


Maintenance is one of the most effective, attractive and exciting feature of web based application that most of users liked. You just need to installed web based application once and then enjoy its benefits for a long time while desktop based application are to be installed separately on each computer.

Ease of Updates

Update of web based applications is very easy. You just need to install updates on main client server and each user received the updated version of application while desktop application are to be updated separately on each computer.

Ease of Use

Desktop based applications have usability constraints while web based applications are more convenient for the user in order to access any application from any location by using the facility of internet based applications.

No Admin Rights Required

No admin rights are required for the installation and updates of web based applications. It is world where network administrator is company and can install any application easily and freely anywhere and anytime.

Social Possibilities

Web based application provide online chat facilities with the relatives and friends as well as it also provide the facility to share your real and important work in time with your workers and collogues. People are becoming more and more social and want to work online and collaborate together and web based applications allows these functions easily and accordingly.

Lowers the Cost of Sales

Web based application are mostly used for the promotion of various online products. Various online websites use web application in order to increase their online sale of various products. In web based applications you do not need to make boxes, print manuals, no distribution channel as well as no any middle man needed for the sales of products. So you can save enough money by using web based applications for the sale of online products and promotion of your business.

Lesser Environmental Conflicts

Web based applications do not depends on the environmental settings or on the hardware’s that usually cause problems, due to this there are lesser environmental conflicts in web based applications.

Available At Any Time and Anywhere

You can easily access data and can also check your important emails, messages and can share important work in real time with the facility of internet and with the help of web based applications.

Fewer Restrictions outside a Firewall

Usually web based applications use two ports HTTP and HTTPS and does not require any additional port in order to open a firewall while desktop applications do not use these ports and require additional ports in order to access the outside of a firewall.

Multiple Platforms

One of the most effective, attractive and significant features of web based applications is that they work on the multiple platforms easily and accordingly. Mostly the web based application works on different web browsers such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer etc.


Web based applications are compatible with most of computer operating systems. The quality, performance and functions of applications remain the same all the time.

Reduce Business Cost

Web based applications reduce the business cost because you do not need to print manuals; usually less time is spent in talking with the customer.


Usually most of individuals hates to deal with paper work now a day and prefer web based applications that not only provide modern business practices but also help the business owners to take services and various related business information’s from any facilitated website easily and accordingly.

Internet Connectivity

Web based applications usually relies and based on the internet connection while desktop applications do not require internet connectivity. Poor internet connectivity and no access of internet can cause problems regarding the performance issues of web applications.


Web based applications are more exposed to security risk than desktop applications. In a single computer such as laptop or desktop the user have total control over the applications alone and can protect it from vulnerabilities. While in web based application there are large number of users on internet community, thus widening the threats.

Require Little Disc Space

Web based application usually require little disc space. Web based applications are best low end computers. In web based applications the data is stored remotely. One of the most exciting feature is that web based applications are virus free because these are not installed in a computer.

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