Updated: 1 Nov, 2012

4th GBG Event Was Awesome | DevsTeam Met With The Google Giants

Unlike other event of Google Business Group (GBG)– Dhaka, this time the event was big, fabulous and crowded. About 80 IT related guys, journalists, reporters was attended at that event. This time the venue was at EMK Center of Dhanmondi.  The GBG event was started at 6 PM of Evening and the GBG Team member Riad vai inaugurated the event. Salman Vai introduced one of the Google Employee named Vicky  in front of the audiences. It is worth mentioning that, for the first time someone from Google came here in GBG event to deliver a speech.

Masud and Shamim of DevsTeam at GBG Event

DevsTeam went there in order to promote their services, brands and the ultimate goals. Luckily we had arranged a box of Chocolates too for the interested visitors at our mini-pavilion. We shared our goal, services, brands and working procedures to everyone who came to our pavilion. Also learned a lot about what the strategies other like-minded business personnel are using and how they are doing business worldwide.

DevsTeam at 4th Google Business Group Event

We gave our Business Cards and collected others too. DevsTeam’s  CFO Masudur Rashid & me (Nasir Uddin Shamim) attended on that event.

Nasir Uddin Shamim of DevsTeam
The speakers of that event delivered their speech about various Google Apps and Services like Google Trend, Google Insight Tool and Google Advanced Search. In the lightning event various business owners introduced their business model in front of us.

It was really a great social event as we have been able to introduce each other and had handshakes for working together at future.

After the end of that event we had a little refreshment of Sandwich, Cake & Singara. We altogether have made this event successful and feeling proud to be a part of it. Hope, DevsTeam will always be able to stay with GBG for their each upcoming events in Bangladesh.

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