Updated: 23 Nov, 2013

10 Ways to Improve Conversion Rate of Your Business!

Most of the people think that conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who make a purchase from a particular site. But actually conversion rate does not confined to this simple definition. Actually conversion rate is the succession rate of potential visitors who are making the desired actions. Such desired actions may include purchasing a product or filling out a form or some other particular goals of a webpage.

Normally the primary goal of a website is to increase the visitors of site. But a website shouldn’t solely concentrate on increasing visitors because it may not help to attain goals of a website. Suppose- your target is to sell products through your site and you are getting lots of visitors through organic way but most of them are not buying your products. In such case, your overall efforts and plans for your site will go in vain. I am telling all these things to make you understand why you should adopt a Conversion Rate Optimization techniques to achieve your overall goals.

What is in Conver Rate Optimization

Today I will share 10 easy and simple but most effective ways to improve your site’s conversion rate for improving your business:

Site Loading Time: if you are using too much flash/animation and images in your website, your site will normally take longer time to load. Too heavy page or too much loading time often make the visitors annoyed and leave your site. So, keep concentrating on improving your site’s loading speed.

Be Clear About Your Pricing Strategy: Always make your price clear to your visitors. If your pricing list is cheaper than your competitors than make your visitors informed about it. You can do this by adding a price comparison list in your site. On the other hand, if your strategy is to provide quality products at a higher price, then be clever and don’t shout about your expensive pricing.

Discount Codes and Coupons: Always create an impression among your customers that they are making a great deal with you. If your customers are not fully satisfied about their purchases, it may badly affect any further purchase in near future.  Sometimes it is a good trick to offer some discounts or coupons while selling products which often motivate customers to believe that they have got the products at lesser prices which ultimately improve the conversion rates.

Be Clear, Open and Honest: If you are out of stock of any product, then just be honest and tell your customers about the unavailability of that product. Otherwise, after adding a product to their cart and starting the checkout process, if customers find that the product is not available, they will be irritated and left your site.

Respond to inquiries immediately: People have little patience in these days. So if people ask for any further details, always reply to their queries as early as possible. Otherwise, they may forget that they had contacted you.

Build Trust: Many people still feel unsecured while buying online and their anxiety is not baseless. That’s why it’s very important to represent yourself as trustworthy in front of your visitors. You may add the physical location and phone number of your business in your site so that customers may contact you for any further information. It will help you become faithful to your clients. People research about you before taking any buying decision; and that is why give as much data as you can on your Website. In addition, your site’s design and contents are also play a role in building trust. If your site’s design is poor/irresponsive and contents are badly written, such an unprofessional appearance will also affect your conversion rate.CRO Implementation CRO-image-big

Offer Different Payment Options: Though it is common technique but sometimes helps to improve your site’s conversion rates. You should offer your clients different options for payment in addition to credit cards because some of your buyers might not use credit cards. Alternative payment options will enable them to make the purchase even though they don’t have any credit cards.

Uniqueness: One of the most important ways to improve conversion rate is to concentrate on your Unique Selling Point (USP). USP involves making your service or product different from all other sites. Just think about, if customers get the same things from other websites that you are offering, why will they make purchase from your site?

Free Trial: Though it is not a profitable idea to offer your product free to your visitors, but it’s often very effective to let them use the product to inform them about its features. You will be surprised to know that a large number of people make their buying decisions instantly after personally using the product prior to purchase.

Social Proof: Use testimonials, quotes from customers or any other social proofs in your site whenever you can. It will help you draw concentration and belief from your visitors easily and induce them to make the purchase. Many websites are now using testimonials in their sales pages and thus improving their conversion rates.

There are about 1000+ tips that I could mention here, but start implementing all these tips first and keep increasing your site’s conversion rates right now!

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Abu Taher, An Entrepreneur & Father of a one year old Son who has been working in Online Marketing for nearly a decade, with a focus on running his own business online.

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