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9 Effective Ways to Get Quality Backlinks!

Simply, backlinks are the links that are directed toward your website. Creating backlinks is an effective way of getting lots of visitors to your site. Most importantly, the number of backlinks is very important for SEO, because all search engines, including Google, give  more credit to a website that has a good number of quality backlinks and consider that website as more relevant than those of others, appeared in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

But after several Penguin updates announced by Google, it has been very difficult to build backlinks in the same way as done couple of years ago. Google now dislikes unnatural backlinks, I mean building excessive amount of backlinks in a shorter period. Besides, getting backlinks from irrelevant sites is also strongly prohibited for which Google is strictly punishing those poor backlinks building websites.

So quality backlinks is a must for attaining more priority from Google and for increasing visitors to your sites. Today I will share 9 simple but effective ways to build quality backlinks that are often overlooked by most people.Effective Backlinking Strategy

Contextual Citation Strategy:

Do you know what is contextual citation strategy? Contextual citation strategy deals with the links that are relevant to the topics under discussion. I am explaining this with an illustration. Suppose-you are writing an article regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This article might include the word “on page”, “off page”, “keyword research”, “co-citation”, etc. Now if you don’t give enough citations or references about all these topics, your readers will be annoyed with your article as they won’t understand all those technical terms. As per this strategy, if you give sufficient references or citations of different terms, your visitors will understand and enjoy the overall article and at the same time, you are actually building backlinks within relevant pages of your site. Most importantly, Google prefers such backlinks because you are helping visitors to learn something more and explore related articles initially written.

Press Release:

Another way of getting quality backlinks is the effective use of press release websites. You can get lots of quality backlinks through this way as these press release websites usually supply contents to many smaller websites and are often picked up by news sites which means much more exposure and quality backlinks for your site. In order to get the best from your press release, you must use an attractive and catchy title to make people interested in your press release. Keep in mind that, when you are writing press releases for getting links, you should not use “anchor texts” as many press release sites don’t allow anchor texts.

Article Marketing:

Article Content Marketing has been regarded as an effective way of getting quality backlinks for a long time. But you need to concentrate on some factors while trying to get quality backlinks through article marketing. For example- you need to use your anchor text very effectively; otherwise your link will be valueless if you don’t use your anchor text efficiently. Besides, you should make sure that you are submitting most of your articles to reputed and quality article directories that are well established and have authority in the search engines.

Social Networking Site Profile:

This is one of the methods through with you can get lots of quality backlinks. If you are very social and have lots of followers in Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus etc., you may share your site’s link on these social media sites for Social Media Marketing. If your content is interesting and attractive, then your friends and followers automatically share and like your contents which will promote your website.

Guest Blogging:

If you are well enough in English and can write unique high quality contents, then guest blogging can be a great way of building quality one way backlinks to your site. As like article marketing, you need to ensure that you are making guest blogging to the reputed and high PR blogs that have been trusted by Google over time. While guest blogging, always make sure that you have unique contents because guest blogging sites don’t publish duplicate contents.How to Create Backlinks

Blog Commenting:

Although many people see blog commenting as way of getting spammy backlinks, but you can still get quality backlinks through blog commenting. For attaining this objective, always make sure that you are making comments in relevant high PR sites and the number of blog comments per day should be natural (not very high).

Video Marketing:

It’s said that video sites are 50 time more likely to rank on the first page of Google than ordinary text based sites. So you should try this option too. Suppose- if you have a tutorial site, then you may upload some video tutorials on different video sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Metacafe, etc. As you are uploading video to get backlinks, so where you will leave your links is also a matter. Normally, you can leave your link in the video description to get the best results.

Forum Posting:

Forums still work for building links and in fact they work great. All you have to do is to be active contributor in different relevant forums of your choice and make effective use of your forum signature. Since search engines prefer dofollow forums than nofollow forums, so be active contributor in different dofollow forums like warriorforum, CNET forums, etc.

Document Sharing Sites:

You can get quality backlinks by submitting your articles and EBooks to different file sharing sites. You can easily do this by compiling all your blog posts as PDF files and upload those PDF files to different document sharing sites and thereby leaving backlinks to your site.

Always keep in mind that success of link building doesn’t depend on quantity of backlinks but the quality of backlinks. The above are the 9 great ways to get quality backlinks to your site and thus promote your website’s ranking in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

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