Updated: 3 May, 2013

10 Killer Ways to Get Content Writing Ideas

The most common question I often face is-what will I write today or in what about? It’s a common problem of many bloggers or writers out there. After writing several contents, they often don’t understand what they will write now or in what topic. I am not telling that it’s their inability, in fact it’s because they don’t know from where and how to start writing a content. Today I will share some tips to generate innovative content ideas that I personally follow and hope you will recover your content related problems after reading this post.

Content Writing Ideas

Curation: This trick is simple as it looks like. Whenever you have shortage of content ideas, you may visit your competitors’ or related blog sites. Most of the blogs have a menu named “popular posts” or “popular category”. This will help you understand what types of contents; visitors like or prefer to read. I am not telling that you have to copy content categories from your competitors, just read those categories thoroughly and develop ideas for your own contents.

Group Brainstorming: Though many people don’t think it as a source for content ideas, but it’s sometimes effective to discuss with your friends, peers, or blogger friends. It will help you understand the ongoing trends and what others are thinking about. To do this, you may need to be active in various forums and social networks to maintain communication with your online friends and followers.

Ask Your Readers: Visitors are the main focal point of your blog. If your visitors don’t find the topics that they are searching for, they will obviously leave your blog. So with a view to keeping your visitors satisfied with your blog, you may sometimes ask your readers about what they would like to read about, are they getting the exact answers of what they are searching for etc. Always remember that your readers are the blood of your blog. So gather feedback from your readers through asking questions and develop your content ideas based on those feedbacks.

Interview Someone: People are greatly interested to know more about celebrities or persons who are successful in their professions. So sometimes it’s really effective to post interview of successful Internet marketers or entrepreneurs. Before interviewing any person, you should prepare a list of questions that you would ask someone to answer.

Books: Though this trick is quite unethical but can be very much effective to get content ideas. Do you know that Amazon and Google Store let visitors view the contents’ lists of their books? You can obtain content ideas from those content lists too. Suppose your site is about beauty tips. Now what you have to do is to search beauty related books in Amazon or Google store. They will show you list of books along with topics lists covered by each book. You simply require reading those topics name and generating your own content ideas.

Expand Your Cultural Horizon: Always remember that the more you read the more you learn. So always keep reading to enrich your cultural and geographical knowledge. This will obviously help you determine your content titles. For instance- Alcohol that is strictly prohibited in Muslim countries is very much popular in western countries. Now if you are not much acquainted with cultural diversity and write alcohol related contents for Muslim readers, your readers will obviously leave your site.

Review Something: In some cases, when you do not understand what to write, you may review something in your blog. You may pick a product a service related to your blog and just write what you like and dislike about it and whether you would recommend it or not.

Refreshment: Studies have shown that having some refreshment during work can provide better performance than doing work simultaneously. Sometimes breaking up the routine can help restart your brain and perform your work flawlessly. You may take a walk or watch a play for refreshment. You need to figure out what your triggers are.

Best Case Studies: Think about your favorite blogs, products or companies and write content about why you like them so much. In your writing, you should express your opinion regarding what they are doing right and what others can learn from their example.

List of Old Favorites: Sometimes you should go through your blog’s archive pages and make a list of your most popular posts that newbie readers haven’t read. With the list of posts, you may explain what you were thinking when you wrote the posts, what worked and what didn’t.

I am not telling that these are the only ways to generate innovative content ideas; others may have their own ways to do the same. But those who are confused of what to write, all the above tricks will obviously help them recover their content related problems.

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