Certified Affiliate Marketer Training

What is Affiliate Marketing?

There are lots of ways to earn money online and Affiliate Marketing is one of the unique and reliable ways to earn money amongst these. There are huge probabilities to earn from Affiliate Marketing and lots of guys from our country are earning money ranges 2-5 dollars per month by affiliation.

What is this? Before explaining it we can give you an example of whole-sale business. We have certainly saw that; there are lots of shops and corporate are selling other organization’s product or service in the basis of Commission or Percentage. This kind of organizations are getting about 20%-30% commissions on each product they sell. This is the basic business model of Affiliate Marketing too. The example has been given above; there an organization sells another organization’s product and here you have to sell products in online and you might have to use your own website to sell these out.

Well, now what you will have to sell? Almost anything!!! You can sell anything online as an affiliate marketer. There are lots of business and e-commerce organizations in online who sell their products by having affiliates like EBay, Click Bank, Amazon, and Buy.com and so on. So, it means; if you know how to sell a product and how to be a successful affiliate marketer; there is no need to worry about any product that you would like to promote. Here you will not only able to earn money by selling products but you can sell your service by affiliations also.

What You Might Need To Start Your Affiliation Business?

To start an affiliation business you may need to invest 2-3 thousands BDT and your skills. You never be able to become a successful affiliate marketer without having any knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (White-Hat, Black-Hat). You must have to have the capabilities of writing English article. Don’t worry; you will be guided efficiently how to write affiliate marketing copy by our

What is the Future of this Sector?

The importance of Affiliation Marketing is being increased to the big corporate companies of this world day by day. When a company launches a product to the open market; the company offers various luxurious offers to the affiliate marketers to promote this product no matter whatever the product is. Its might be a Book, a software or any medicine or something else. But the main thing is same; we just have to sell the product by promoting these and we will be getting paid after each sells of the products we are affiliating. We the affiliates and the Company itself; we both are profitable at the end of the day. Because; we are earning money by promoting these products, whereas the company getting more exposure to this virtual world and their sales being increased 100 times than ever.

Can you imagine that only Amazon sold out almost 25 Billion Dollars product last year by their affiliation program and they paid more than 2 Billion Dollar to their affiliates. This is basically a rough calculation of affiliation for one company. There are thousands of other companies who are offering this kind of affiliation system but against the product; there are considerably lower number affiliate marketer exist. So, it’s clearly showed that; if you work in this marketing arena; you will have a bright future ahead.

Eligibility Required To Be an Affiliate Marketer

Actually there is no special requirement to be an affiliate marketer. As the selling will be conducted in online; you must have to know the process of how it works and how to convince people by writing effective content on your websites/blogs. We the DevsTeam are here to teach you the best Affiliate Marketing & Copywriting strategies.

What would be Your Monthly Income?

The income generated from Affiliate marketing is solely depends upon your work. The more products you can sell; the higher income you will be generated. There are lots of Bangladeshi guys who are earning 2-5 thousands Dollar per month by affiliate marketing. And there are lots of affiliate marketer in other countries of this world who are earning 50-70 thousands USD per month just from Affiliate Marketing. Just start with us; you will easily be able to understand where you might reach eventually.

Is Training Is Mandatory For a Newbie Affiliate Marketer?

Frankly speaking; if you are serious about Affiliation and want to be succeed in this industry; there are no alternatives of a Good Tanning and some proven marketing strategies that you can get from DevsTeam Institute. You will be getting support from DevsTeam until your success. There are some hidden secrets that we know and these are exclusives for the DevsTeam Institute’s students only. You might start by your own; but without these secrets it’s hard to make some sales online and it would be a complete waste of money and time.

What You Will Learn From This Course?

  • How to make a killer website that would be thoroughly dedicated to Affiliate Marketing.
  • How to create successful copy and enticing articles.
  • Advance Search Engine Optimization techniques.
  • Search Engine Optimization (Black Hat).
  • How to research a product to build a site around.
  • Techniques to researching Keywords and Niches.
  • How to start affiliation and make the first sale.
  • How to withdraw this money from Bangladesh.
  • The proven but secret strategies to increase your sales that the so called Guru’s never told you.

Who Will Teach You?

Some dedicated Internet Marketer who have been 3 more years in this industry and are successful in their own Blogging, SEO and Affiliation career.

  • Taher Chowdhury Sumon: Blogger & Affiliate Marketer (SEO Consultant).
  • Masudur Rashid: Blogger & Affiliate Marketer (SEO Expert).
  • Nasir Uddin Shamim: Blogger, Affiliate Marketer & SEO Consultant.

What Would Be This Course Fee?

The present course fee for this practical and advanced training is about 15000 BDT. Each of the students will get lifetime support from our secret forum.

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Resource Person:

Taher Chowdhury Sumon

Taher Chowdhury Sumon

A Successful Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and SEO Professional

Masudur Rashid

A successful blogger, SEO Expert and Affiliate Marketer.

Nasir Uddin Shamim

Nasir Uddin Shamim

A blogger, Multinational SEO Consultant (SEO Expert) and Copywriter.

Duration: 2 Months.
Course Fee: 15000 BDT.
Course Starts on: 7 Sept. 2012