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12 Powerful Tips To Dominate Social Media In 2013

People loves to be social and loves to stay in social networks to get connected with their surroundings. They meet with friends, their colleagues, batch mates, ex-friends and new people who they haven’t yet met physically. People shares their thoughts, opinions, misery, goodness, happiness and everything they feel like to.

And you, as a blogger, webmaster, business owner or being a part-time job seeker; can use these peoples thoughts, opinions and likings into your own way of business journey.

You just have to let them laugh, you have to let them criticize or you have to let them shares your thoughts by convincing your logics and information.

This is how social media can be dominated and your business can get a portion of such huge people from all over the world.

Here we are going to discuss briefly to serve you the best tips about social media marketing strategy to boost up your business with your audience and blog or websites.

Dominate Social media

Use Facebook Properly:

But, why Facebook? Facebook is alone a giant and none other social media sites of this world can even go near to it in terms of usages. You will be amazed to know a simple statistics:

  • 20% Facebook user go for a check almost everyday
  • Each day 3.2 billion likes and comments put on Facebook
  • 57% of Facebook user are women
  • 55% of active posts are given  by women
  • 50% Facebook ID has more than 100 friends
  • Interaction in Facebook get an extra 30% promotion in Sunday

If you desire to have a great lead from your audience then run several effective Facebook Ads campaign. Exactly like:

–  Ads in the news feed can bring out the chance to get engaged with the audience more than six times than ads in the right sidebar of face book.

–  Target your offers in a way so that it ensures it’s visibility to the interested viewer about a specific topic.

–  When a user click on an offer from the newsfeed, face book sends a mail to their personal email address about this. That means  your offer not only visible to face book but also at email address.

–  When the user open the mail, same way they are requested to go to your website’s link.

 Keep In Touch With Other Social Media Channels Too.

Except Facebook; there are some other useful and popular Social Media sites exist using which you can add some bonus benefits with leads on your business. You should definitely go with Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn. But why? Look at the statistics below:

  • Among twitter user 60% would like to post work update
  • 72% twitter user posts personal updates
  • 55% go for a link sharing for news stories
  • 54% would like to post about general life observation
  • 53% re-tweet other posts
  • Direct message used to send by 52%
  • Photo sharing done by 40%
  • In 2012, everyday there have been sent 175 million tweets from the user world wide
  • 28% of twitter user share videos
  • 24% would like to tweet location
  • Current ratio of using Google+ : 69.4% is mail and 29.2% is female
  • 51 percent of global population using Facebook, Google plus25% , YouTube 21% , and twitter 21%.
  • There are 525 million Google plus accounts counted in January 2013.

You have to make content for face book, twitter, and Google plus and other media named Pinterest too. Then serve the same information and try to combine the entire social media network for your business.

Create a Company Page in LinkedIn

You should have a company page in LinkedIn with your Logo as the cover photo.  This is not only a great way for branding your company but it also allow you to reach at the target market. The most interesting thing is you can give the access to your employees who can work for you about any kind of content marketing and branding for your account by making them managers.

Speak like Wikipedia for your Company

You should follow this mentality that “They ask and you answer”. You should know that when a visitor asks through your page or website and if you don’t answer them, it will make them a great unhappy. Whatever, answering your customer through social bookmark page and website are the best way to keep growing with your business. This is a way of being connected with your audience. Speak like a Wikipedia expert and try to serve the best answer for a query that comes from your customer.

Meet with Audience Virtually.

Social media marketing is not only a sense of speak formally. But you can connect to the people like more informal way to build up strong belief to your audience. To do so you can offer a group discussion to the fan of a topic and then you can meet through Skype. Besides, you can meet up with a group.

Drive Traffic from Social Media

Asking Question to your Audience Often.

Asking question to the audience will help your audience to have a good concept about you. They would love this as it gives them a way to share their thinking, suggestions and opinions regarding any product or service you promote. When you ask a question through content it means you give the permission to your audience to talk about this.

Never Beg Likes, But Make People to Like You.

Most of the online marketer asks directly to give a “like” in there company page. But this is not always effective and sometimes it brings out the negative impression on your page. So, you better start liking your audience pages  instead of begging like from them. This will encourage them to make a “like” on your desired page.

Pay Heed to Your Audience.

Always try to listen first from your audience. The whole social media platform is based upon mutual conversation and you have to be choosy about words by listening your audience demands. To build up a strong engagement you have to pay attention to your follower’s words and then start replying.  Listen first and then respond with sweet words.

Make your each social Like to social Trust.

Smart marketers target their fan by submitting free content to their page in order to get more traffic from the audience. This is a great social media practice and it works really good to get a great response from them. Eventually, offer more content about the specific topic thus make your audience a regular comer to your pages for newest post about the topic.

Specify your Brand and Product Name in Social Media.

This is important to have a unique name for your business. Besides, you have to make sure that the name is not used by any other company. Once you have done with your brand name you have the opportunity to own a brand name worldwide. So you have to specify your company name, domain name and then try to create a meaningful logo for your company. This will help your company to make it difference from the other business group.

Work with Patience in Social Media.

Social Media works slowly first. You can’t hope its popularity over night. You have to wait for some time to get connected with your audience. Don’t lose your patience before having your audience to your hand.

Way of capturing some more visitors:

There are two types of readers in a blog. First one is single one-time visitor and another is viral/generic visitor. You should do the following thing to get some extra connection through social media:

  • Link other related posts from  each single post.
  • Bring up a signup form/ newsletter subscription form.
  • To ask more questions to you; provide them a contact form.
  • Give the Chances to share your links on social media/ RSS subscription by adding social media buttons below or above the each posts.

That’s all about making a strong social signal to your blog or website. These wonderful tips might help you to have an intelligent social media marketing strategy to make unique visitor to your site and thus your business might get a dependable rank than before to the search engine eye. The data given here are researched well to let you know the best media marketing strategy for 2013. Keep following the tips to have a green signal from social media platforms.

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