Updated: 23 Sep, 2012

Tech Shouters Has Been Acquired By DevsTeam!

TechShouters– A popular Technology based blog which has been running for several years successfully now an asset of DevsTeam Limited. A great news for the DevsTeam Fans who love the technology and its stuff. You guys will be surprised enough to know that all of the DevsTeam Mates will write regularly on this from now!!! Everybody will share their own experiences and expertise of their own. Its might be on Affiliation, How to Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Mobile Apps Development, Programming, Internet Marketing, SEO, Design, UI/UX, Computers, Software and every kind of Techie stuffs you could have imagined!

Well, the whole incident was happened when the DevsTeam looking for a suitable blog name to start their very first authority blog. Fortunately, the previous owner of Tech Shouters was giving an advertisement about they will sell their website! That was cool and DevsTeam had no problem to buy that website to make their first authority blogging dream come true!

Techshouters and DevsTeam

DevsTeam has lots of plan with this site. Some of the plans are listed below-

  • To make this site a web 2.0 blogging platform.
  • First community based English tech blog in Bangladesh.
  • Will be opened for the International and National writers.
  • Publishing useful and tutorial based contents that the readers always looking for.
  • To turn this site in a one –stop platform where everybody will find their solutions, learn new stuffs and make them expert based on their interested fields.
  • Editing all of the existing contents to meet the Google’s Content Guidelines and to make these more appealing to our readers.

This is all about out plan to the Tech Shouters dot com which we have recently acquired. Hope you guys will always with us like before by sharing your thoughts, expertise and opinions in the format of your writing.

And we, the DevsTeam turned Tech Shouters will shouts together to rock the world again!

About Nasir Uddin Shamim

I am one of the Co-Founders of DevsTeam. Trying my best to provide you bunch of awesome articles here from my experiences. Follow me on my SEO Blog or in Twitter for constant updates of useful resources. Thank You!


  1. Nice To Hear That 🙂

  2. Great achievement! 🙂

  3. really great for all devsteam fans

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