Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Approximately 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision. Source: Mashable

Expose your brand worldwide & reach 76% targeted Customers overnight!
You can sell your service or products only when people trust you!

A recent study of Social Creeper ( says that, no matter how much creative and good-looking ads you have; only 14% people will going to trust you. Whether if you have good social presence and lots of people recommends you by their Likes, Shares; 76% people will trust you and buy any products or services you sell.

Social Media Marketing is one the top of this list by adopting which you can gain trusts, brand exposure and the chance to reach maximum like minded targeted people which is impossible to any other marketing method ever.

So, having Social Media Marketing service for your business will ensures higher click through ratio, more sales and huge brand exposure to the whole world within very shorter time.

Create Buzz!
Let the world know what is your business about and stick it on their mind!

Social media is such a platform where everybody is present. A statistics of Jeffbulas ( reveals that: People spends more than 700 Billion time on facebook per month, 30 Billion contents is being shared on Facebook at every month, 490 Million users from all over the world visits YouTube each month, People spend 2.9 Billiion hours in YouTube each month, Twitter is adding 500,000 users on thier site everyday, Google Plus owns more than 25 Million active users, 2 Members are being added at each seconds in LinkedIn.

Exposing your services or Brands to this huge social networks could create some insane buzzes which are enough to change your business instantly.

Now it’s your TURN! Let our Social Media Marketing Team to manage all the Social Accounts for your business along with the engagement issues you would be needed.

Go close to the Customers, hear their emotions, and increase sales!
User engagement gives you higher conversion rate in sales!

Social Media is probably the only one effective way by using which customers can directly share their emotions, accusation & suggestions to you. Its such a powerful way to communicate with general customers which will add trusts and helps you to interact with the targeted people to whom you want to sell your products at maximum click through rate (CTR).

Own a Social Media App & become distinguished from others!
Promote something unique by using unique social media app!

Having an customized own branded Logo assembled App boost your business image 200% times before. Besides the Branding stuff; your social media campaign would be lots more faster and organized and this is exactly the advanced sector which we the DevsTeam’s Social Media Marketing team can be your ultimate choice.

Why we are different & you are going to hire us?
We are confident, super professional and know how a business dealt with Social Media!

Our dedicated Social Media Marketing team are super professional, extremely social web-aware and passionate to conduct each social media account manually and sincerely. From the basic Account Management, Social Engagement to the advanced Social Ad Campaign; everything will be handled by our experienced team.

Just give us a favor and make your social presence increadibly noticeable than ever!!!

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