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SEO Training in Bangladesh | Admission Going On..

We are very much glad to announce that 2nd Batch for our Advanced Search Engine Optimization Course is starting from 22th June. All of the Advanced Strategy of SEO will be given on the classes along with the secrets plus really working methods of SEO which we have never shared with anybody else out of DevsTeam and this is exclusively for our students only.

It is worth mentioning that, the very first batch of our Advanced Search Engine Optimization Course is on the way and that was probably the very first SEO Training in Bangladesh Program ever. We are getting lots of positive feedbacks from our existing students and we are emphasizing more on improving the overall teaching system and courses outline so that the students get the best from us.

As the 2nd Batch of this Advanced SEO training in Bangladesh will be started from 22th June, the last Date of Registration is 20th June, 2012. We are highly recommending you to get yourself enrolled now (before the Deadline, Must) as the Seats are limited to only 20 and we are strict about it.SEO training in Bangladesh

Stuffs You Will Learn From This SEO Course in Bangladesh

  • Keyword/Keyword Phrase Research and Analysis
  • Introduction to Search Engine Marketing & Internet Marketing
  • SEO friendly Website planning & Structure
  • Identifying and building initial keyword list
  • Analyzing any web site statistics & making plans for it
  • On-page SEO
  • Content Copywriting, development & Optimization
  • The web page technical components of On-page SEO
  • On-page SEO competitive analysis
  • Off-page SEO
  • The critical importance of backlinks & ways to do it according to recent Google Algorithms
  • Social Media Optimization & using it into Search Engine Marketing
  • SEO Tools concepts and using strategies to make your SEO life easier
  • SEO Open Discourse and answer any question you ask and solves problem you are facing
  • Real life Projects and shows you practically how to rank a site from the scratch.

DevsTeam Classroom Features

We deliver a detailed presentation for each class we take. All of the SEO related topics and questions are briefly discussed on the presentation. As we use the Digital Technology like Electronic Whiteboard & Projector for our Classes; you students might find the whole SEO learning process is easier and comfortable than ever. Each student have seperate computer table and comfortable chairs in that SEO class so that they can easily use their own laptop while taking the classes. Yes! They can use our high speed internet freely at classes by connecting with our Wi-Fi zone.

Resource Person for this Advanced SEO Training

  • Abu Taher Sumon: An real expert in this Search Engine Optimization field who has been working in SEO industry for many years and currently he is monitoring the SEO tasks of DevsTeam.
  • Nasir Uddin Shamim: SEO and SEM specialist who plans how to rank a website on behalf of DevsTeam and make required analysis and reports about on which way a company should go for higher ranking in Google.
  • Masudur Rashid: A popular blogger from Bangladesh and own a damn real expertise in the SEO field. His awesome presentation and easier teaching capabilities might take your SEO learning process into the next level.

Tuition Fees & Course Duration

This Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course Tuition Fees is about 15000 BDT. Course Duration is 3 Months. Students will learn theoretically everything about SEO in first 2 months. And the Last one month is dedicated for teaching the real life SEO projects to students.

So, if you want to have SEO lessons from the Industry leading SEO experts from Bangladesh; then you should definitely get yourself admitted in the DevsTeam institute for the 2nd Batch of SEO Advanced courses. Hope, your next SEO training journey in Bangladesh would be as much successful as you expected it to be.

About Nasir Uddin Shamim

I am one of the Co-Founders of DevsTeam. Trying my best to provide you bunch of awesome articles here from my experiences. Follow me on my SEO Blog or in Twitter for constant updates of useful resources. Thank You!


  1. Great!

  2. Manish Chakma says

    Last time i can not admitted because of class schedule. So what is new class schedule? I live in gazipur. If you take class in night, then i can not join, but if you take class in day. Then may be i can.

  3. MD. Waliur Rahman says

    where devesteam office. how amount for course charge. please send me. details.

    • Hi Waliur Rahman,

      Here is our office address:
      DevsTeam, Suit# 1212, Level#12, Multiplan Center,
      69-71 Elephant Road, Dhaka-1205.

      Our course fee for Advance SEO is 15,000 BDT…

      Thanks for commenting.

      • bhai studentder jonno taka ta ektu komano jayna????plz reply korben.

        • Hello Nazmul,

          Thank you for your request.
          But mate, we have the best and modern equipments and logistics to provide the best Training ever. In addition; we have tried our best to provide you the best training and we the DevsTeam mates personally teaching you the SEO stuffs. Would you please think about the Time Value that we are spending here behind of you??

          By considering this; would you still ask us to reduce our fees?


  4. when will the next session be started

  5. anik basak says

    I am from pabne. week a ak din kore jate onek problem hobe amadar. r amr financial background o onek poor. so jodi aktana class naoya jato tahole khub valo hoto. please

  6. anik basak says

    I am now working only on off page seo. So After get training on advance seo from you, can I do work on all the part of seo? please let me know. i want to become a professional seo worker on odesk….

  7. Md shamimul Haque says

    I wish to build my future with your team but …..not be sure. The course fee is meaningful. How it possible!……..ans.. me.

    • What about the Time & Money the DevsTeam has invested so far? And you imagine, how much we could earn if we were providing SEO services to our clients instead of giving you SEO lessons?

      Thanks Shamimul anyway.

  8. i am agree to learn your course, but your course fee is very difficult, if you to take lower money, then i will do. i am a unemployment.

  9. I am pretty much shocked after reading the feedbacks painted as so called comment here, We all should firstly know correct form of English, then we will emphatically be eligible for receiving courses. I am pinpointing the person who is answering too. Please be realistic.

    Lastly I dont consider the course fee is High Enough. Becoming SEO expert one can grab 10 times greater amount than this fee. But I am suggesting the DevTeam, please be relavant to the present situation of guys who dont have jobs. How do you expect a handsome amount from those many of needy guys? You guys are gone totally commercialized.

    • Well Zafi, peoples who are commenting here might need more improvement on their English skills, I admit it. But, what if we find those guys are being the real expert in the implementation field which might leads them to own a better journey on English as they will be dealing with various foreign clients? A language barriers shouldn’t stop someone to learning new stuffs. πŸ™‚

      Hay! Commercialism is that too bad? Why don’t you consider the time, instruments and money we are spending here to teach them the best? We, the DevsTeam mates have spent lots of money and time to learn these stuffs and found some awesome results while implementing these in the real life issues. We know, after being a SEO Expert they will earn the double and triple/month for whatever they are spending to take this course now! So, to make these guyz serious on this course and to let them know how much important this course is and to save our back (time & logistics cost) we have been compelled to fix this tuition fees like so.

      Hope you have understood the whole matter.


  10. bhai course fee ta jodi ektu kom hoto tahole amar moto aro studentder jonno valo hoto.studentder jonno ektu bibechona korben plz.

  11. Hi there Devs,
    I know i am kind a late to ask that but i am still interested about SEO. I really want to learn this course. I can see there 2nd batch was started at 20th june of 2012. So when the next batch will be start please let me know. Thank you.

    Nurul Hasnat Tushar

    • Hello Tushar Vai,

      Our SEO Advanced 4th Batch is running and as our seats are limited we are not accepting any Admissions now. But we will start our next SEO Batch at the last week of November. So, you are requested to get yourself admitted before the seats are booked.

      Thanking You

  12. This is only job there one person is a boss his own job & enjoy self independent .

  13. When your next batch will be started. please let me know.

  14. I don’t have a vast knowledge about freelaching so How I will understand about SEO course. Can this course help me to be A skillful SEO. Plese replay me.

  15. Mohammad Saadi Ul Alam says

    I am a banker, present workplace: Chittagong, age 34. I want to be a SEC specialist and to do job as a part time freelancer. Can I admit into your batch?

  16. Hi,
    Actually I want to know what is qualification need to learn CEO course.
    Please send the those details.


  17. Sagor hossain says

    Vaiaa ami seo all site expert hote chai. ai jonno ami best seo training institute find kortici. apnader seo course gulo amar valo lagese nami kisu question korte chai seta holo apnara keno aita sikhassen ar ate apnader lav ki

  18. Do u provide jobs for ur students in odesk?

  19. Hello,
    When does your next course start? I would like to join as soon as possible.

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