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6 Types of SEO Tasks You Must Avoid in 2014

SEO has been changed a lot. Google Changes their algorithm about 550 times a year. Sources: Search Engine People . Its not in same track  exactly what we have been doing since last couple of years. Search Engines algorithm has been changed. Search Engine robots behavior and assumption technology has been improved. And vast amount of spammers made this whole SEO industry really tough to handle.

I have published an article before about whats to ignore in SEO for 2013. So, what to do and what’s not to do in SEO for 2014 specifically? Here I am going to cover each as below:


SEO In 2014

Placing Same Anchor Text In Everywhere

Webmasters and SE Optimizers always want to rank a particular keyword on top of Google. And that is why they make too many backlinks with the same anchor text. Google seems it Spammy and discourage it by their Link Scheme algorithm. Focus on Anchor text variation and use phrasal keywords as your anchor text while building links.

Focusing On Link Building Only But Not in Social Presence

Social Signal has a magnificent value these days. If you just focus on link building but don’t make your content shareable or convince people to share your contents; your whole effort will be in vain. Add social sharing buttons below to each content you publish and ask your readers to share it everywhere. The higher number of shares you will get; the better ranking you will have. And this is a top notch ways to build quality backlinks these days.

Publishing Rehashed Content

These days have gone when people though that, the more contents your website will have; the better ranking you will gain. Its totally wrong in SEO at 2014. Quality should be preferred the most than the quantity. Google algorithm is way smart than before and they can decide where the traffics should sent to. Add extensive value to your content, plan a powerful content strategy and get love juice from Google and other search engines.

Emphasizing on Number of Backlinks

This is one of the prior reason of why a site gets attacked by Google Penguin and other similar algo. Just focus on the quality link building methods and it pays you off eventually. Building solid and quality 1 link is equals to 15 irrelevant links elsewhere. Else, you will be banned or current ranking position of your site can be de-ranked.

Avoiding Schema Tags

Most of the SEOs don’t even know what is Schema tag. Its an initiative by major search engines to make an universal tag system for search. SourceGoogle, Microsoft and Yahoo.  If you don’t represent your content perfectly as what it is; you may loose a lot of potential traffics onwards. Your product related website should use Review Tag to make people guess what product to buy and so on. Google and other search engines highly recommend to use MicroData, MicroFormats and RDFa for better and optimized Rich Snippets.

Using Too Many Keywords

It happened to one of my blogs last year. I used too many keywords on some articles for dominating Google. But, eventually I had to pay for this and it affected to my whole website and got a hard kick penalty. Google Webspam Team head Mattcutts described how focusing a keyword will cause your site deranked. Here is a video of him that explained the whole issue:

So, this is it. Follow the guidelines mentioned above and stop using these bad seo techniques. Be fear and lets focus on quality content for long lasting ranking on Google and other search engines.

Share this article with your friends and let them know what’s inside in SEO industry of 2014. Best wishes. ☺

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