Updated: 28 Nov, 2016

SEO for Startups

Startup is too mainstream in 2014!  The idea and whole scenario of Startups have been changed vastly though. Lots of people are coming with unique ideas to start a new startup and lots of company out there are providing all in one services, tools and necessary camping facilities to take those startups at new height.

But, what people are worrying about now is to surviving in this highly competitive arena as there are lots of similar kind of startups are in live and everybody is trying desperately to make their first or existing startup a success.

As, the marketing policy has been changed, approaching strategy has been improved and medias to reach out to people has been easier than before; people are thinking about how to showcase their brand in a way so that people can find the startup itself easily and find the exact stuffs right after one click away by searching their name on Google.

Startups bangladesh SEO

What i am trying you to understand that;  the startup should be distinguished either by your product and service uniqueness or  by a system within which people can find you easily no matter what you are selling or promoting right now.

And to do so; the very first phrase should come to your mind is – Search Engine Optimization. As, people like to search anything on the go; its your duty to let people find your business or startup when they search anything by using your related industry, related products or services.

So, give your customers an opportunity to search anything about your industry, product or services and pull up your Startup’s Official Website at the top of Google so that they can contact you immediately!

And, whats the catch here?

Let’s work together and make your startup found everywhere online as precisely as you always expect it to be.

We, the DevsTeam are here to help you out and ready to take all the hassles in our shoulder!!! Let’s scroll below to find out the stuffs we will do for your Startups:

Holistic Internet Marketing & SEO Checklist for Startups

On Page SEO Implementation.

– Off Page SEO Strategy Making and Implementation.

– Facebook Page Optimization

– Twitter Page & Google+ Page Optimization

– Google Places and Yelp Optimization

– Foursquare Optimization

– Finding Profitable Keywords and Driving “Ready-To-Buy” minded traffics to your Startup Website.

This is it. Just knock back to us anytime over Skype: devsteam Cell: 01727451040 or Email: contact@devsteam.com

Best wishes!


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  2. Some great tips here. Thanks Shamim. 🙂

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