How We Have Recovered from Google Penguin

Project Name : How We Have Recovered from Google Penguin
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Project Details

Project Name : SEO For Getandroidstuff

Client Name : Khaled Shahriar

Categorys : Web design

Skils : Creativity, HMTL/CSS, JavaScript, MysQL, PHP

Project URL :

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Project Goal
Project Goal was to do SEO audit for the getandroidstuff website and finding out the problem and solving it then.

Why We Were Chosen:
> We have been doing various SEO projects individually and the site owner thought that our total SEO Expertise will yield something unique and effective.
> We were awarded as the TOP SEO Expert of by defeating some other giants from Australia, UK, Pakistan and India.
> This project was too much tricky and technical and we were only technical SEO team in Bangladesh.

Project Requirements:
> Proper Knowledge on Google Recent algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin & EMD.
> Having enough knowledge on how to recover website from Panda and Penguin.
> SEO project handling experiences.
> Vast knowledge on Site Auditing and Keyword Researching.
> A good team for Off-page SEO implementations.

Project Outcome:
> We have detected that the is affected by Google Penguin Update.
> We have detected that there are too many broken links exist on the site.
> We found too many thin contents in all over the blog.
> We found lots of bad neighborhood links and bad links towards this site.
> Robots.txt file was un-optimized.

Every kind of problem has been fixed and traffic has been increased 90%. Overall site content quality reached to a good mark and the bounce rate has been decreased drastically.
Most importantly, has been recovered completely and returned back to the revenue which was generated previously.

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