SEO Consultancy

SEO Consultancy

We feel so proud to talk you about us

Keep your site ranked! Forever!
We make sure that your ranking position is firm & stable.

Your website is at top position of Google! Are you sure that this website will stay stable at the same position forever? Search Engine giants are constantly changing their algorithm and websites are being affected by these algorithm. This is why someone needs to monitor your web pages daily and implement new strategies if anything goes wrong. Ignoring this monitoring issue can harm your site drastically which will devastate your visitors about 95%.

If you don’t know how to handle this site auditing and observation issue and don’t have enough time for these; don’t worry!

We will take care of all the optimization implementation issues and monitoring hassles by our experienced hand.

Ongoing Technical Implementations Where Entrepreneurs Fails!
Let us give you suggestions about what to do and what’s not!

You don’t know anything about SEO; it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t build your next website. You are very poor in Technical Knowledge; it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start your business now! You can start your business right now by building your next corporate site. We are there!

We, the DevsTeam will suggest you which stuffs need to implement, what strategy to follow, what makes your site better optimized and which part of your site need to be focused to Search Engines.

Just let us handle all these technical issues and we will keep the reliance forever.

Ensuring the enhanced conversion rates!
CRO Support along with On-page & Off-page SEO Suggestions!

We analyze your web pages thoroughly and make sure each and every pages of your site is properly optimized for higher conversion rates. A simple SEO or similar technical changes might turn your about to bounced traffics into customers. We will re-check your content and will turn these into effective copy which ultimately increase your sales rate no matter whether your business is all about Services or Products. Finding your service pages at Google by wide ranges of related Keywords would be a great bonus and we can help you to achieve these instantly.

Ethical SEO Consultation which rewards you at long run!
We thoroughly believe in White Hat SEO.

As you and your business always look for a sustainable long term income funnel; you must have to tweak your business pages in a way so that Google and other search engine loves it. You should obey what these search engines encourage the webmasters to do and what asked not to do. Our SEO Experts are well experienced and well-aware of various SEO techniques including the White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat SEO and we believe that, only White Hat SEO can lasts long and reward you with huge visitors, forever!

Continuous reporting, Analyzing & Monitoring
Just seat back and see your success!

DevsTeam’s SEO consultancy team will dedicatedly work on your website to find technical and non-technical problems, negative SEO holes, structuring problems and content decoration mis-usages. After then, the respective authority will provide you a detailed report about what the problems found and what are the solutions for these.

The ongoing analyzing & monitoring tasks will be continued and a detailed constructive report will be generated at every weekend along with clear instructions on which stuffs need instant touch to implement. Thus the way your business sites will stay firm, stable and focused on Search Engines.

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