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Are Your SEO Agency Following Latest SEO Trends? – Think & Hire!

As SEO is an industry of constant changes and evolved a lot since it got handed by mainstream marketers from the early 90s, the SEO service providers are also evolving with tactics and strategies.

But what about yours?

Are you sure that, your hired SEO Agency are implementing the right techniques and strategies to give your website a firm placement at the top of search engines?

Are you giving proper attention to techniques your SEO Service providers are using right now in this era where your whole business can be collapsed just for a tiny fault of your marketing gang?

Well, what about digging it deeper and understanding whats working on 2016 to go through the checklist and follow up by your own with your SEO agency time to time?

SEO Agency in Bangladesh

Here are the SEO Issues you should have basic concept upon to know whether your business is in right track or not; while the marketing part is being taking cared by an agency you just hired.

Is Your SEO Agency tracking the Users Behavior on your site and acting on behalf of the data?

CTR : Click through rate is the ratio of numbers between your websites shown on Search engine result pages and clicks over the link to your site. Your website may be shown 10 times a day and if 3 clicks are generated and guided that visitor towards your site then you are getting 30% CTR.

So, if your title is good enough to catch user’s attention; then visitors will click on the result on SERPs and go to your website. Thus, the CTR will be increased.

Are your SEO agency optimizing your article titles? Check it by yourself and notify them.

Time on Site aka Bounce Rate:  There more time your visitors will stay on your site; the lower your bounce rate would be. Lower bounce rate means a positive signal to Google. Your seo company must work on this and lower the existing bounce rate of your website as early as possible.

Frequency of the returning visitors: If you can provide useful, high quality contents; a visitor will bookmark your website and return to your website again and again. Google like this kind of activity and your SEO experts should suggest you what kind of contents people love and how you can actually make this happen.

Is your SEO company giving you proper instruction about making your website Mobile Optimized?

Mobile Friendly Update: Google recently published an update regarding mobile friendliness. If you have a responsive website; Google will notice this and will love to send you enormous traffic.

Mobile Geddon: Google recently launched MobileGeddon update on April 21 and they have clearly stated that websites with with large readable text, easy-to-click links on navigation, and that resize to fit whatever screen they’re viewed on, will get priority on ranking. So, your SEO Expert should well aware of this Google Algo update and suggest you what to do.

Is your SEO service provider taking care of proper keyword distribution on your website?

What about LSI Terms?
Your SEO Marketing manager will suggest you LSI keywords based on your root keywords. And they will also ensure that all of the LSI keywords are properly distributed on your content.

Synonymous terms?

Keywords with antonym, synonym help the search engines understand your content better. Your marketing manager will confirm this.

Are they implementing Semantic Search Data and Schema Data?

Google is smart these days. They started showing on SERPs what exactly people are looking for. If you want to know the birth date of Barack Obama; you need not read a detailed post about Barack Obama’s biography. We can implement Schema Data on your website to trigger such type or results. Your SEO agency should implement the schema/micro data on your website for better visibility.

Is your security issues being taken care of and you are suggested for a HTTPS ?

Your SEO Manager will suggest you a Secured SSL Certificates for your website for better encryption of your data and the users credentials on your website. This is a must for better ranking as Google recently taking it seriously.

Is In-Depth content is being regularly published on your Website?

Google Quick Search: You see whatever you are searching on Google, the results are being showed instantly with an specific excerpt from the original website. You can drive huge traffic from this. If your SEO Manager suggest you how to write in-depth contents; your business will have a faster ROI% as early as possible. Better contents not only helps in top ranking on Google, it helps with better social media engagement too.

Google’s Knowledge Graph and Google’s Rich Answer Box: This is like Google Quick search but show specific results from different websites in one place. If you search “Dan Brown”; you will see different Dan Brown written books as thumbnail image on the top of Google.

Are they well aware of RankBrain and how this works?

Google’s RankBrain algorithm is all about Google Search Robots who can learn by themselves about which data or result would be the most perfect against a generic query. Throughout the searches; rankbrain technologies learn the algorithm by themselves and easily find the best result for the Google Searchers.

Your SEO Expert should understand this algorithm properly and suggest you what to do on your website to meet the lastest Google’s RankBrian algorithm properly.

So, if you are looking for an SEO Agency built by real SEO Experts to manage your website for Google; then Contact Us.

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