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Get SEO’d Your Site & Grab Buyers From Search Engines…Instantly!

Not in 1st page of Google & missing 58.4% of your total visitors???
Absence from 1st page means no customers & no sales at all!

According to a recent research of Optify; we observed that the CTR curves have been changed and the website which ranked in #1 spot of Google receives 36.4% clicks, #2 spot gets 12.5% clicks and #3 spot gets 9.5% clicks. That means, if you are not in those top 3 spots of Google and even not in the 1st page; you are losing most of the customers who would be your customers anyway if your website was properly SEO optimized & maintained all the Google Ranking guidelines.

It’s your turn now! Take initiative to reach most of the customers you want and let us make this total process easier, firm & systematically along with ensuring higher ranking of your website at the top of Google!

Don’truin your business!Want a long term result?

White Hat SEO is the solution!
Black Hat SEO can destruct your sweet position instantly. White Hat SEO lives Longer!

After several crucial algorithm updates by Google; the Black Hat SEO is dead and it’s not going to work anymore. Google is very strict on it and any single attempt of Black Hat SEO by any so called SEO Firm might ruin your established business overnight. Your site may be dropped down below the 100 pages which would be tough to recover.

DevsTeam’s very effective and powerful combination of white hat SEO like Content + Relevancy + Popularity can assure stable and secured ranking on Googlewhich is difficult to devastate.

Ensuring all Google Algorithm updates passing is the Major issue to consider!
You may be safe now! But how long?

Are you sure all of your contents meet the Google Quality Guidelines? How much confident you are that your website has been developed maintaining all the SEO friendly structure? Are you in risk of being affected by upcoming EMD updates?

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If you aren’t sure about anything mentioned above; don’t worry!!! We, the DevsTeam’s Google Ranking Service experts will handle all of your Contents, Site Structure & SEO stuffs by our vast SEO intelligence, hard-works, expertise and experience.

Hire the Champions only!
Wrong SEO cause permanent removal of your site from search engines.

DevsTeam is the World SEO Champion of in 2012. We defeated more than 2000 SEO competitors from worldwide including all the major SEO experts from Australia, UK, Pakistan & India and been champion by wearing the crown. We know what the real ethnic SEO techniques are and which methods are working and will be working forever.

Quick Reporting, Monitoring, Keyword Research and lots more stuffs are absolutely Free!
We care your ranking, monitor the site itself regularly and charge nothing for that!

We will suggest you high performing Keywords for your site for FREE! Our Weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly Ranking, Analyzing and Search Performance report are absolutely free! Our SEO Google Ranking Service Team will do all the required tasks on their side; but we will generate a free and super professional On-Page & Off-page suggestions for you to follow anytime you want; even when you close this project with us.

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SEO Service

150% Increases of your traffic happens instantly if your website get ranked at top 1 to 5 spot of Google.
So, if you want –
– 90 to 150% increase on your Sales, Leads and Targeted Consumer Traffic.
– 500% Return on Investment (ROI).
– Your Brand Name getting #1 spot on Google with huge Brand Recognition.
Then get back to us.