How We Made Responsive & Helped Increasing Traffic 250%

Project Name : How We Made Responsive & Helped Increasing Traffic 250%
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Project Details

Project Name : Responsive Web Design For GetAndroidStuff.Com

Client Name : Khaled Shahriar

Categorys : Web design

Skils : Creativity, HMTL/CSS, JavaScript, MysQL, PHP

Project URL :

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Project Goal
a website that would be responsive so that it can automatically converts itself according to the visitor’s devices ranging from Desktop, Laptops, Mobile Phones or Tablets.

Why We Were Chosen?
> We did lots of Responsive Web Design and own vast experience of developing & Designing responsive web.
> Our trendy and brilliant web designers are always above the crowds and their thinking make each designs unique that people loved always.

What We Did:
> We have firstly designed a standard website for GetAndroidStuff.
> Then, after approving the design from site owner; we made different versions for Laptops, Desktops, Mobile Phones and Tablets.
> We developed site with clean codes by keeping all the pixel intact from design.
> We fixed various bugs and implemented lots of new modifications from the site owner side.

Project Outcome:
> Project Completed within the estimated time.
> Site is being properly loaded on each devices.
> Theme has been properly responsive and smoothly running.
> Site has turned into a new look and been so much professional comparing other Android Related sites out there.

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