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How We Ranked Ecommerce Site at Top of Google Bangladesh

How we get successful #1 ranking of Priyoshop in Goole.com.bd for most of the keywords? 

As you know, Google is very strict for their ranking factor and we are just following the panda and penguin update before doing the link building job. We always try to make link building to the authority site. We always try to resolve the on page and off page problem according to Google algorithm. There are critical site issue what we resolve and we also arrange some Blogging competition for this site for branding. We try to make natural link building for www.priyoshop.com.

When we took the project of Priyoshop, renowned online clothing & accessories store in Bangladesh, in October of 2014, it was totally a new challenge for us as the site will be rank or not in Google because this site was not optimized. On that time not a single keyword is into the search result out of 500 in Google.com.bd. Here’s some screenshot that might help you to know about our working challenge. In different time we are just giving them great advice that also help us to make rank in Google.

Here just one Sample whatever we gave them on our starting time in October 2014. Basically in every time we are keep in touch with them and also advice them what they need to avoid for getting better ranking position Google.

What we done for them as SEO responsibility? 

Basically we face & resolve a lot of on page issue and critical error issue. From my giving description you will get everything how we faced and got successful ranking for priyoshop.com. Here we are just giving you one sample whatever we gave them in October. Honestly in every week we made a report and sent to them and that also help to us to improve our site ranking.

seo audit for ecommerce

SEO Audit For Ecommerce

Product Comparison for E-commerce Site

Product Comparison for E-commerce Site



Site Speed Optimisation

Site Speed Optimisation


Our client was really worried they might not get better ranking position in Google. But End of couple of month they are really happy with our great job.

Basically we faced a severe problem and we also resolve that problem. We had used other backlink checker tools and also analysis our Google webmaster and Analytics. We couldn’t but start our next work step until we had full backlink list because without full backlinks’ list, how would we analyze and evaluate each and every.

Profitable keyword finding job for Ecommerce Site

Basically we were trying to find out profitable keyword for them in October 2014. The client also gave us some keyword and some of them we cut out and some of them we just include with that. Here they were just giving us the list of keyword in October 2014 for priyoshop.com.

Here we are also giving you our selecting keyword for priyoshop.com. And now most of the keyword is getting rank in google.com.bd.

Keyword Selection for Ecommerce Site

Keyword Selection for Ecommerce Site


Title and description optimization for SEO:          

We had done a lot of job for priyoshop.com. Basically we tried to optimize on page of priyoshop. Here we are giving you one sample about Title of priyoshop and that might help you to know how we worked for them.

Meta Description and Title Fixing

Meta Description and Title Fixing


Fixing critical On Site & On Page issue:

Basically we faced a lot of error here I am giving you the short list whatever we face and resolve. Just have a look the list that might help you to know about our job. From the beginning time in October 2014 we tried to fixing critical site issue.

  1. Google crawling error
  2. Lack of Product Description
  3. Using Product Descriptions from Manufacturers
  4. Lack of Product Reviews
  5. Not Optimizing Product Pages Based on The Search Demand
  6. Non-Unique Titles
  7. A Lot of Duplicate Content
  8. Title tag and description
  9. Canonical issue

Social Media champion and Blogging competition:

This is one of the interesting part of our doing job for priyoshop.com. We had done a PPC champion for them and might help to divert traffic for priyoshop.com. One thinks we would like to share with you that are we made a small amount for that campaign. We also did a promotion on Instagram and Facebook. Basically because of the campaign we got targeted traffic and were amazing for the client. The client got more sales and their business is going to improve. Still our PPC champion is going through and that is really effective.

One more thinks we would like to share with you that is our blogging competition. You know Devsteam arrange a blogging competition for priyoshop.com. A lot people attend for that competition and still that competition is going through. Basically from social media champion & Blogging competition priyoshop.com achieved Goodwill and that might help to Branding their product.

Keyword Ranking Report:

From SEO Engle we tried to make sure our job will be perfect. Around 4 people worked SEO job in 3 month time and finally we got success. Here we are giving you some screen short about our ranking keyword that might help you to know how we work hard. Just have a look my giving Screen short.

SEO Web Ranking 01

Ranking 01

seo bangladesh company

Ranked Number 01 in SEO

keyword ranked top at google

keyword ranked top at google

online shopping site seo bangladesh

online shopping site keyword ranking

search engine optimization company bd


google ranking service bangladesh

BD Online Shop Keyword

Optimization With Google Webmaster Tools

Here we are giving you some information whatever we took from Google webmaster tools. That information will give you a clear idea what about the current position of priyoshop.com. Basically devsteam is providing their better customer solution about priyoshop.com. Just have a look priyoshop webmaster data what we have done for priyoshop.com.

seo with webmaster tool bangladesh

SEO with Google Webmasters Tool


Finally all our efforts became successful as soon as we got this great response from Google. When we started working on this project we got various problem and we tried to resolve them. we thought there were lots of job we had done for priyoshop.com and also we did our level best and made our efforts successful.

After reading this entire case study, I think you will also be able to make Google’s rank easily. You just have to try your best and try to keep in touch in every sector and that might help you to making rank in Google. One more thing I also would like to add with you that is try to analysis your competitor site and do invest your time and money then you will get success. Just follow the same procedures step by step what we did and success will be yours!!!

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