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How Social Media is Changing The Way to Promote Brand Online.

For the advancement in technology, it is inevitable for every business to make progress and success without an effective social media campaign.  Social media also play a key and effective role in marketing, advertising and branding.

One of the main advantages of social media sites is that it cost nothing but provides you innovative features for the promotion of product as well as helps you in communication and delivering the services with key audience.

There are top ten reasons that why all the companies out there  must use social media for the promotion of new products:Social Media Marketing and Branding

Fastest Medium of Brand Promotion

Social media is considering fastest and quick medium of brand promotion in all over the world without too many expenses. More than 1.43 billion people from all over the world love to remain in touch with social media sites, so a great and diverse ratio of people always in there. [Source: emarketer.com]

  • 57% of Facebook users who have liked a brand have shared a link/video about a brand.
  •  80% of people prefer to get coupons, promos, and discounts from brands in social media.
  •  8% of people prefer to get brand news in social media.
  • 5% of people prefer to get answers to Qs and 5% prefer how-tos from brands in social media.
  •  32% of people prefer updates from brands in the form of short social media updates

[Source: blog.hubspot.com]

Business owner just need to share the information of particular brand, automatically a great and wide ratio of individuals quickly comes to know the brand and you will receive response from various online visitors.

Burberry can be a great example of how just a Fashion Company promotes their brand towards 14 Million people.   http://www.facebook.com/burberry

Direct Medium of Communication

Social media is direct medium of communication between the customer and business owner. Social media sites allow you to directly communicate with the key audience.

Customer can share complaints with the business owner and business owner can respond directly regarding the complaints. Business owner can share information of new product directly with the key audience in shape of visuals, video through social media sites.

Offer Wonderful Market Research Opportunities

Social media sites offer best, excellent and wonderful market research opportunities even allow you to update, tweets, groups ,  and reviews about what your customer like or do not like.

Social Media  allows you to get instant feedback from your target customer. By getting information from customer, you can introduce a unique and excellent product in the market according to the needs and demand of key customer.

Lead Generation

Social media sites also key and important tool of lead generation. Through social media sites your customer comes to know about each post that you share with your customer.

If your customer comment on your shared posts, their friends on that social media will see their comments, this feature expand the coverage of share item with maximum people.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits

There are also various search engine optimization benefits for the promotion of brand in social media. When you search your company name in social media, it shows it up. These days social shares is being counted by Search Engines.

[Source : Search Engine Land ]

It is the best and excellent way to control your search ranking. In this way, your competitors can not steal your key customer that ever searches for you by name.

SMM for Branding

Promote Personal Connection with the Customer

Social media promote the personal connection with the customer. This personal connection helps the business owner to effectively convey the message and detail of business as well as products in order to capture the customer.

While this connection help the customer to ask about the features of product directly to business owner. This personal connection increases the customer satisfaction, confidence and trust regarding the particular business entities.

Easy Promotion of Brand

Social media sites offer an easy way of product promotion. It allows you and offers you an easiest way to reach the people who might be interested in your product.

With one update everyone connected on social media comes to know about the special offer. It is the best and effective platform to share instant up front offers with the customer in easy and fast way.

Rewarding the Customers Loyalty

Through social media sites some customer ever trusts your brand and prefers to purchase it always. Social media site also allow customers to know special discounts and product updates.

Ready Made Excellent Platform

You do not need to develop a special website for the promotion of particular brands. You also do not need to increase the traffic on website. Social media is ready made platform that allow the all individuals including the owner of any company to share the ideas, knowledge and new product information with the connected customer in easy and fast way without any expenses.

You just need to make a profile or Fan Page or Company Page for regular posts and updates. One of the most exciting features is that it takes just few minutes to create a profile and start sharing and promotion of new as well as existing product with the social media friends and followers.

It Is Free Of Cost & Can Reach To Maximum People

It is the best features that most of business owner like. In social media you do not need to spend money on printing the posters and manuals.

Thus social media is strong, more powerful and effective medium for the best and excellent promotion of new product in the market.  If you also wish to start a business, then enjoy various features of Social Media sites and  promote your products.

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