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Business Dies When Positive Reviews Aren’t On First Page!

In the modern era of digitized lifestyle, people surf the web to look for quick and relevant information, and they usually look on the first page of search engine results for the required information. Considering that the top two internet activities include search and email, many companies are in an undying race to make a special online presence that helps them reap the real benefits of organic traffic.

That is, every business owner wants to achieve top rankings in the world’s largest and leading search engine, Google, having about 65-70% of the search engine market share. Top rankings imply that a website is placed in the first page of Google or even better if it is ranked in the first 3-4 positions of the first page.

So, Your Business will be died if nobody find your name or page or products while searching on Google and even in very first page.

Here are some of the many benefits that a high rank in first page of Google can bring to a website:

                Online Reputation for Business

Quality Traffic

Websites positioned on Google’s first page are considered authoritative by the public, instilling a sense of trust and credibility of your business in the minds of potential customers. A high rank on Google’s first page means that you can attract more organic and targeted traffic to your website, without spending a lot on advertising and maintaining all the aspects of Online reputation Management.

According to a study, 75% of the search users do not move past the first page of search engine results. Also, 70 to 80% of the users focus on the search engine’s organic results and ignore the paid ads. Such statistics show the importance of Google’s first page ranks in driving quality traffic to your website.

More sales

A high rank in Google’s first page of search results means that Google approves your content as the most relevant and qualitative. Hence, more traffic is driven to your website, convincing more customers to make purchases. This generates more sales. However, increasing the conversion rate is not possible without providing a well designed and user friendly website that is rich in content.

Increased Return on Investment

As more and more sales are driven due to top Google rank, it leads to an increased Return on Investment. According to statistics, a 25% higher Conversion rate is attained when a searcher purchases through organic click through, as compared to a Pay per Click click-though.

Competitive Advantage

In the online business world, your competitors are those who provide similar product/service as you, and who are found in the search results relative to a keyword/search term entered by user when searching for a business website like you. When your website is ranked among the Google’s first page results, it means that your business website is capable of providing relevant, unique and quality product/service/ content to your potential customers. Google’s first page rank means that your website is best in terms of website optimization and user-friendliness. Also, by being on the first page, you challenge other close competitors, also on the first page to drive the most sales.

So, What Are the Ways To Follow To Get Back a Business on First Page?

After a company knows exactly what its market niche and targeted keyword set is, it is very important to optimize your website in a way that precisely reflects the products/ services that your potential customers are looking for. Search Engine Optimization and getting top Google ranking is not possible without optimizing your website using On-page and Off-page Optimization. Google classifies and ranks a website based on the title, subtitle or description and content of each and every page of your website. It also checks external links to your website. If your site or pages are linked from important and reputable eternal websites, your website also achieves higher rank from Google. This means that online reputation of your website is important to achieve higher ranking. However, as much as Google loves well reputed sites, so do the potential clients.

Why Online Business Dies

Google loves high quality and unique content. In order to increase the chance of getting ranked on the first page of Google, you need to provide Google the assurance that your site really has high quality and relevant content that is not found on any other website. Google uses special search and ranking algorithms to check and analyze a set of website variables. The higher the relevancy and quality of your website content, the higher rank it gets in Google search results.

However, the advantage of getting placed on Google’s first page is incomplete without working on your company’s Online Reputation. According to Online Reputation statistics, 83% of the consumers say that online reviews influence their perceptions about companies. The behavioral analysis of searchers on the internet shows that users barely turn onto the second page of search results for the required information.

A recent Study shows that the first ten search results on the first page of search engine receive 89.71% of click- through traffic. Therefore, it is extremely important that the companies listed on the first page of Google search results have positive online reputation too.

The need to monitor your brand reputation comes after getting ranked on the first page of Google. Since internet is a global channel for communication, it is very easy to send and receive infinite bulks of information. People rely on Google to search for literally anything. For example, if a person wants to work as an employee in your company or wants to purchase something, he/she will first search about your company on Google to gather useful information.

Now, it might be possible that your company is negatively publicized on a social networking site, a blog or a review site. This will turn away the potential customer from your company. On the other hand, positive reviews can boost your targeted traffic’s confidence, raise company’s sales and rankings, and increase your brand popularity, in the online as well as offline market.

Therefore, a well defined online reputation management is essential to maintain and enhance your company’s online positive reputation; unless your business will die for forever!

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Abu Taher, An Entrepreneur & Father of a one year old Son who has been working in Online Marketing for nearly a decade, with a focus on running his own business online.

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