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10 Facts People Research Before Doing Business With You!

Just as your offline business, the reputation of your online business needs to be taken care of. Your company’s online reputation mainly depends on the careful execution of the Online Reputation Management process.  Online Reputation Management refers to the process of evaluating, developing, tracking as well as monitoring the online reputation on a regular basis, to find out what people are saying about your business, how can negative reviews be removed or reduced, and more positive reviews are shared. After all the hard work a company puts in building its brand, it is quite daunting to see negative reviews floating about the internet.

In the fiercely competitive world of online businesses, it is possible that someone plots damage to your company’s reputation by disseminating negative information or reviews regarding your business, which is either fake or exaggerated. Sadly, it doesn’t matter if you know what the truth about your company or brand is, as such negative reviews will work to tarnish your company’s reputation, lose the confidence your customers have in your product/service, and turn away many potential business dealers, marketers and partners from signing a deal or renewing a contract with your company. Not only this, it can also most likely damage your relations with businesses you are already tied to. No matter which ever medium is used, once a company is talked about negatively, other businesses get reluctant towards establishing or tying relations with such company, with the fear that associating their name to your brand will risk their business’s reputation as well.People research wile doing business

Today, people rely on the internet to find fastest available, relevant information. They use major search engines to search for the required information, and Google wins the title of the world’s most widely used search engine. In most of the cases, when users enter a query on the search engine, they tend to scan Google’s first page results only. They hardly ever refer to the second page. In fact, statistics show that 89.71% of click through traffic is driven by the first page results only.  So, for example, when business executives want to know about your company, they will search your company on Google and find the relevant information on the first page of search results. It depends on how well ranked and reputed your business is, in convincing potential business prospects to reach you.

A business is nothing without people. Here are 10 interesting statistics of what people research before doing business with you:

About you

Searchers behavioral study shows that users enter a keyword term relevant to the product or service they are looking for. Now, if your company gets listed in the top search results pertaining to the keyword, the user expects to find what your company is about, and whether or not your product/service description best reflects what the consumer or business is looking for.

Content Of Your Site

Statistics tell that people appreciate and always remember quality content that best meets their information needs. They look for the relevancy and importance of your content that best describes what they are looking for on your website. For example, a business executive might be looking for testimonies about your product/service to see how good hold you have on your business. Content can make or break relation with a prospect business executive.

Your Website’s Appearance

People see how well optimized, well developed, designed and descriptive your website is in providing rich user experience. A website that gives poor navigation, low quality content, irrelevant links, and other errors is likely to turn potential business prospects away.Online Reputation Mgt.

Search Engine ranking

Your company’s website ranking in Google is important in increasing your business visibility. A high rank in Google’s search results serves as your business card, and people will draw conclusions about your business based on what information they find about you. A high rank in Search engine means you have quality content and that your website is search engine optimized. 57% of marketers state that SEO has a positively huge impact on their lead generation goals.

Online reputation of your Brand

 According to statistics, 83% of the people say that their perceptions about a company are influenced by online reviews. People look for a company’s online reputation before making an investment with a company they don’t know much about. Online reviews help them in deciding whether or not to go ahead with the business partnership. Therefore, it is very important for every business to incorporate a proactive online reputation management process into their business processes, so that negative reviews can be eliminated or reduced on time. However, it requires a great deal of continual efforts to fix, control and monitor your business’s online reputation.

Outbound Marketing Exposure

According to reports, Content writing raised the blog traffic to 2000% and revenues are increased up to 40%.Prove that your marketing is effective.

Traffic To Your Site

People prefer websites that drive organic traffic. Studies show that 70% of the website links searchers clicks on are organic.

How popular you are in online

Natural Search Results

79% of the searchers state that they always click on the natural search results. Business executives give points to natural search results than sponsored ones.

Your Company Blog

81% of the companies value their blogs as their most important assets. Keep blogging.

Social Media Exposure

When people find the need for your product/service or want to start a business with you, they search on Google and make use of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. to learn more about you. For example, Facebook users visit a business Page to find out information about a company, other than through News Feed.

It is recorded that more than 150 million users visit Facebook Pages, everyday. Also, 75 of the 100 companies use LinkedIn to find the right candidates for their job positions. On the other hand, 1 in 6 employees made successful use of social networks to get their job. Social network tools like Facebook’s ‘Graph Search’ makes it easier for people to discover and know more about your business.

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