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Outsourcing From Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the fastest progressive countries of this world where only the Youths are changing the lifestyles and the society. They fights with the poverty, they fights with the unemployment problem and the nasty corruption of politicians. They are to face the poor education system of Bangladesh, and they don’t get any extra advantages while working on online. Although, government doesn’t take any initiative to speedier the existing slow internet speed; these youths of Bangladesh fights with the other peoples of this world to snatch the best jobs for them from the outsourcing marketplace. Besides, marketer and business owner from all over the world found the whole stuffs of Outsourcing From Bangladesh is cheaper, skillful in doing any given jobs and awesome in quality.

According to BASIS; there are more than 1 Lac Bangladeshi Freelancers are doing Outsourcing jobs across the globe. These skilled freelancers are outsourcing their skills to the whole world that are in need of these skills to transforming Bangladesh a new country where no unemployment problem exists. Accumulating all of the money that freelancers are earning; we know, Bangladeshi freelancers are earning about 1 crore BDT per day from various outsourcing marketplaces.

Would you like to join with these freelancers too? Would you like to contribute to the economy of our beloved country? Would you like to solve the unemployment problem of yours and some other guys around you?

Then, start freelance outsourcing. This is the perfect time to get started. Because you know, it’s never been too late to start freelance outsourcing from Bangladesh!!Outsourcing From Bangladesh

Now, a question might be raised on your mind that, from where I will know the details of outsourcing and freelancing stuffs, and what I will have to learn to start a freelance outsourcing career?

Frankly speaking; Freelance Outsourcing is all about Skill Selling. Whatever skill you have, be expert on it and sell it in outsourcing marketplaces like oDesk, Freelancer.Com, eLance.com and so on.

So, what type of Skills you need?

Well, go to any of the outsourcing marketplaces that I have mentioned above. Check out their Job Board and browse their marketplace’s latest and popular Jobs. You will get a clear idea about on which jobs you need to jump in. As these are the International Marketplaces; it doesn’t matter whether you are outsourcing from Bangladesh or any other country. Its everything about what you know, how much you know, how well you can serve your buyer and how efficient and flexible you are. So, build your skills now and become a successful freelancer.

Here, I have accumulated several highly demanding freelance jobs of the marketplaces which you can take your next learning ambition to be the best freelancer that the business owners are desperately looking for.

SEO Expert: There is a huge demand of Search Engine Optimization services in Freelance Outsourcing marketplaces. In this growing Internet world; where peoples love to buy and sell online; the SEO becomes the “Must Have” option to choose. As there are lots of tasks involved in the whole SEO strategy; the business or website owner outsource this task to the freelancers. You, as a freelance outsourcer can do this task and get paid smartly if you know how to do it. Just start learning those SEO tactics and strategies from various online tutorials or any training institute of Bangladesh and sell your skills to earn money.

DevsTeam Institute is offering an Advanced SEO Course Training for the people of Bangladesh who want to take this SEO skill as their entries in freelance outsourcing world.

WordPress Customization & Development: Website or Blog development using CMS like WordPress is one of the very popular job items of freelance marketplace. Everyday lots of WordPress Customization and WP Development related jobs are being posted on oDesk, Elance and Freelancer.Com. Be a WordPress Developer and start a luxurious freelancing career from today. Learn the WordPress from online or get yourself admitted in any institute of Bangladesh.

DevsTeam is currently offering WordPress Development Course. Go to DevsTeam Limited’s office directly to know the details of this course.

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing Expert: Most of the famous bloggers and affiliate marketers usually outsource most of their tasks on various outsourcing platform. It’s really a great news for the guys are would like to start outsourcing from Bangladesh as a blogging and affiliate marketing expert. Just build your skills and be an expert in this hugely demanding jobs market. DevsTeam Institute is providing a certified Affiliate and Blogging Course from where you can be an Expert which is enough to sell your skills in the outsourcing marketplaces.

Like those, you can build your skills on Joomla Development, Web Design and Development, Mobile and Web Apps Development, Article Writing, Image Manipulation & Graphic Design, Software Development, Online Marketer, Social Media Expert and lots of similar tasks.

Outsourcing from Bangladesh would be a life changing decision for you. Just take action, learn everything required, build your skills and sell it at higher price. Best Luck.

About Nasir Uddin Shamim

I am one of the Co-Founders of DevsTeam. Trying my best to provide you bunch of awesome articles here from my experiences. Follow me on my SEO Blog or in Twitter for constant updates of useful resources. Thank You!


  1. Thanks for your valuable advice

  2. Fahim tasnim says

    Surprise,usd1000$$ per month by blogging!till but i knew that adsense is only way where income is low rather than time,but how 1000!!! I can’t think

  3. I think, now this R better way to income in this time and than relation with the worldwise company.

  4. opu khondokar says

    acctually i wanna make me profitable by working .
    but how can i get that kinds of sense/way.
    plz given me some fruitful idea about earning money…

  5. Md. Samad Shah says

    Dear Brother,
    I have need to learn about web development & joomla development.Plz, u suggest me.

  6. .nuruzzaman says

    I have need to learn out souring.please anyone suggest me.

  7. md.eashanul gaffar says

    i want too learn but i m living in oman.pls give me idia.how i get this job.

  8. kamrul hasan says

    i want to per mo take 1000 US DOER per month

  9. kamrul hasan says

    i want to get 1000 us doler per month

  10. Dear Brother,

    I have gone through the post seriously and I am highly interested to go for freelancing. Basically I am in banking profession and know basic computer. Now let me know which course i have to start first. I also seen your course schedule. The timing is difficult for me to attand a course. My suitable time is Saturday, Monday, Wednesday 6.30 PM to 10.00 PM. Is there any way for me?

  11. Abdullah -Al-Mamun Basunia says

    Dear Sir,
    How to getup outsourcing work.Can you process the menu? I interest this work. Please Can you help me.

  12. sir , how i can earn 100 $/month by blogger ?e.mail marketing ,pls help me

  13. Dear sir,

    I want to be a freelancer.I want to earn doing out souring job but I don”t know anything about it.What kind of skill need for that job?

  14. Dear Sir, I am a graphic designer. I have idea about to press and screen print. Already i doing work to a printing company. What do need my to learn outsourcing job. Pls give me advice.

  15. md kamrul islam says

    For a fresh starter this is a great artical. thanks.

  16. B.M. Syedur Rahman says

    Can I get any job on Data Entry, PPT Presentations, Oracle DBA ?

  17. Lutfun Nessa says

    Dear sir/madam

    I know MSword, Powerpoint and excell and data entry and browsing internet only. I served in ADB, USAID, CIDA (assisted project) and finally in UNICEF bangladesh for 13 years and altogether 18+ years. I have heard out sourcing income, work at home. But i don’t understand how can i do this.

    Would u please help me to start work.

  18. i am intrested to build career

  19. how is it possible? plz inform me.

  20. Monzoor Hassan says

    Dear Nasir Uddin Samim vi,
    I want to do some job like article writing, proof reading, very simple like – data entry, editing, content writing etc. How can I process them and how can I bring money at home, which BANK can help me in processing money and how ………………………………. please let me know……

  21. Dear Sir,
    I would like know about outsourcing work and what kind of skill do i need? I have little knowledge about computer and internet.How can i get started by any training institute.Please give me any advice.

  22. I would like know about outsourcing work and what kind of skill do i need? I have little knowledge about computer like MS WORD,MS EXCEL,POWERPOINT,ORACLE.and INTERNET WEB BROWSING.How can i get started online work from home.Please help & give me any advice.

  23. Suronjun says

    I am a front end web developer. I see css3 as my passion. I am studying it because I just love it.
    But I am not getting any job. But I need it badly. What should I do?
    You may like my demos on MDN. links are:


  24. How can i earn money through outsourcing. and what is the procedure .

  25. Molla abul basar says

    Great content and that might inspire for the beginner.

  26. o good

  27. hi.this is Jahid. skilled in d field of article writing.passionate to work hard.I need a job of article writing.if anyone interested plz knock me.Here goes my cell no.01911501803

  28. my need real email marketing job please help me

  29. I am interested. So I need time schedule of course or how can I get your help? plz details

  30. sabuj ali says

    How can i earn money from outsourcing.plz tell me.

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  32. Dear sir ,
    I trained in html, html-5, Css, plugin, lightbox, best contact information along with feed back etc. which are necessary for designing any kind of website with graphics design.
    I shall be a trainer or web & graphics designer.
    You may recruit me if required. You kindly observe http://www.jahanarabkk.com
    Thanking you
    With best regards
    Nurur Bhuiyan

  33. Arafin Shahriar says

    Dear sir/madam

    I know MSword, Powerpoint and excell and data entry and browsing internet only. I served in ADB, USAID, CIDA (assisted project) and finally in UNICEF bangladesh for 13 years and altogether 18+ years. I have heard out sourcing income, work at home. But i don’t understand how can i do this.

    Would u please help me to start

  34. I need article, can you help me, please?

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