Updated: 10 Apr, 2014

Online Reputation Management For Celebrities – A Must Read!

In this Tech dominated era, everybody is present on Social media or in their own webpages. Every people out there can write blogs, share their opinions, publish any kind of uncensored review or any offenses. Thousands of Television Celebrities, Cinema Actors, Cinema Actress, Business Magnets, Popular individuals of societies, popular authors, writers, politicians, presenters and other celebrities are being humiliated by general publics everyday.

Yeah, it is happening everywhere in this planet earth. And this kind of humiliation is being noticed and sensed by millions of people worldwide. As most of the people use Smart phones and they are engaged with Twitter, Facebook, G+ or similar social media sites (409 Millions of people are viewing 14.7 billion pages every month); they are getting this kind of news instantly. Most importantly, news stays at top of Google Search Engines and that is why, when people search anything by their name; thats negative news comes at top.

According to WP stats; there are 44.5 Billion new pages are being created everyday and 56.7 comments are being published that are being generated by users. So, think about that if 0.001% of those people talk about the negative news of any celebrity; their present reputation would be dried ashes away or get worst as nightmare!

online reputation for celebrities

It happens that, that kind of bad things and bad news created and distributed over the internet. You can’t change that. But, what you can do it is – remove these bad things from Google! Yeah, you are reading right – remove these from Google and other search engines. Its true that, removing bad news or news links from Google isn’t as easy as it sounds here. It is even tough for the people who don’t know anything about Search Engine Algorithm and Optimization Techniques. If you are delayed to make an attempt to remove those or don’t try to make any contact to an online reputation management service company; you will be spoiled by media as those news got viral within a minutes over the Internet.

DevsTeam is experienced in this industry of online reputation management and can help you to remove any kind of bad reviews or negative links from Google’s front page. 100% guaranteed!

So, what will be the outcome of Online Reputation Management?

If you get back to us and let us optimize your “Namespace” in Google or other search engine; then you will be benefited by the following life changing rewards.

A summery of why you choose us for your online reputation management project:

– If any negative results contain your name or your Business brand name; we will completely eliminate it from the first page.

– We will boost up positive results for your name in first page of Google to step your reputation buried out to public.

– Will establish a positive presence of your Company name or your name in Google so that it becomes steady and makes a really good impression to everyone.

– Will force the related blogs or sites to completely delete your negative news from their site and database.

– We will investigate every threats found to your name on Online and make a detailed report to you about how we can overcome and fixes that threats.

Whom We Work With?

We are working with any individuals, companies, agencies, celebrity or their managers or anybody who need online reputation management services. Here is a list given:

  1. Actors
  2. Athletes
  3. Politicians
  4. Corporate Executives
  5. Musicians
  6. Entertainers
  7. Directors
  8. Producers
  9. Television Personalities
  10. Business People
  11. Company owners
  12. Product Manufacturers
  13. Managers or any company or individuals
  14. Authors
  15. Local celebrities

So, take an initiative to remove all of your bad presence online right now before it buried all of your reputation online. Keep your presence worth-noticed to everybody and don’t let it ruined as you have the chance to work with it and polish it to a very good reviews that is inspiring and well-cherished by everyone.

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