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How To Build An Online Business Brand – Part 01

While I decided to write something about developing a brand, the first thing came to my mind was – “How we developed a brand like “DevsTeam”?

Well, it was the accumulation of never ending struggles, sorrows, dedication, happiness and constant dilemmas.

And, these days; when you mention the name “DevsTeam” in any gathering of communities…people replies – “Ow…I know..I know. They provide Internet Marketing Services”. This is called branding.

So, when you hear a phrase and if the fact pops up on your mind that what the phrase means or what they do or what they belongs to; then you will understand that; that phrase is a brand name and have already developed their image as strongly as what an established brand name should be.

Every company or start-up needs such brand image to survive for a long run, get quality clients as customers, sells any products to mass people. And you individual, your company and the business, your product or manufacturing spot need to have a GOOD brand name and the reputations too.

You have to persuade people to talk about your brand, let journalists to make your brand featured, make your competitors envy you…and then you can say – “Yeah…this has been a brand. Let the things go steady now”.

Online Business Brand

So, how to develop such brand online? What are the processes to follow to build a brand that people like and talk about with others in gathering? Is there really any secrets to build a name that people really cares?

Nope. There are no secrets at all. You have to work hard to build your brand and take it to next level.

“Famous” isn’t a verb. You don’t “famous someone.” You get famous for doing other things (playing sport, performing music, appearing on TV).

Determine Who Is Your Customers or Clients & How Your Business Be Like

This is the hardest part of any entrepreneur or startup kids. I have seen in my life so far that, lots of people are coming with a startup and failed. It’s not like something; starting up a business online is that much hard to cope up. It’s something about analyzing the market, making a detailed business plan, taking action and reaching to right customers or clients and delivering the deliverables in time with good quality.

So, lets jump into each point so that we can understand the facts better.

Analyzing the Market:

Before starting a startup; you have to take yourself directly in the field. No matter what type of online businesses you are going to start; it needs your direct involvement in the existing forums, blogs, websites and most importantly various marketplaces about your niches. You also need to use several tools to analyze your market professionally so that you can calculate the strengths of your business niche, weakness of your competitors, opportunities you will get if you run into and the threats you might have to face.

There are some tools to follow:

Google Trends: Just type your business product or service name in the search box and see the trend. If you see it has the demand in whole year; then go with the product. As you are planning to brand something online; you must have to pick a brand that would be well received in whole month of a year.

Quantcast : Just enter your competitor’s website address and it will show you the demographic data about your future product or services like who are using these services or product and how old they are and how much they are earning.

Spyfu: Enter your keywords and check how many advertisers are there for your product or services. If you find lots of advertisers; then in a sense, your future product has market value and you can sell it. In other sense, you will have lots of competitors already and thus, choosing a product or services that have medium advertisers would probably be a wise decision.

Majestic SEO: Enter your competitors’ domain name and find how strong they are, what are their week points and how far you can go by competing them.

Keyword Revealer: Check your competitors strength, their Page Rank, Authority Signals, Backlinks and other SEO stuffs to decide how competitive your market is and how much time you need to establish a brand that will generate money. You can even find some popular search phrases that will let you a clear idea what category or text or content-base your blog or business page should be build upon.

Local Business Directory: Buy a yearly business whitebook or go through any local online business directory. Check how many business are there based on your brand. Follow the search term used below to find the right local directory in your country by Google.

“business directory” + usa

Analyze the number of competitors and their strength. Go for a quick search on Google to check their PR and visibility.

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