Updated: 7 May, 2018

oDesk Bangladesh Day out in Fantasy Kingdom Has Been Tremendously Successful!

People says- “Geeks are like robot. They only pass their time at home and never go out for having fun”. This blame has been cracked and has been completely demolished by organizing this awesome oDesk Bangladesh Day out event in Fantasy Kingdom.

More than 54 freelancers of oDesk attended in that event including some of their family members and kids. Guys who joined in that event were extremely spirited, open minded and ready to make unlimited fun.

The whole event was well-organized. From transport to Foods, Snacks, enjoying rides and going back to Dhaka was as organized as the Event Committee planned. And the special credit goes to Saidur Mamun Khan Bro.

Well, the Bus was started from Azimpur at 8.15 A.M from Azimpur Bus Stand. I joined at 8.30 A.M. from Shahbag Bus Stand and the fun was started from then. We had a breakfast at Uttara Stoppage. In Uttara, all of the attendees were present and then the bus was fully loaded.  T-shirts were given to all of the attendees on behalf of oDesk. Guys started to singing songs, chit-chatting with various tech issues (and of course freelancing) and eventually, without any harassment we were successfully landed on the Fantasy Kingdom.

We have joined in almost every ride available at Fantasy Kingdom. On behalf of DevsTeam; only Abu Taher Sumon and me were there and had huge fun. Some of the most exciting rides were Magic Carpet, Roller Coaster, Car Bump and so on. the

After taking the Launch; we all went to have bathing in the Water Kingdom. The DJ and awesome music made us crazy to dance as wild as possible. We danced together, slipped together and made each of the moments unforgettable.

After taking snacks and meal our most expected Game Segment was started. It is worth mentioning to say; this game segment of oDesk Day out Program has been sponsored by DevsTeam.  DevsTeam CMO Abu Taher Sumon and I delivered a speech about this sponsorship and we have also shared that how pleased we are to sponsor such awesome event. Thanks to Mamun via for representing DevsTeam in front of all the successful freelances. We have also shared the news of being world champion in a SEO and Writing Competition held at Freelancer.Com. The prizes were lovely and beautiful and pleased to see all of the game winners enjoyed the moment up to the fullest.

After enjoying all of the moments, rides and the completing the evening snacks we gathered once again in order to return back to Dhaka.

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  1. really alll of picture is nice.so sad i am missed this for my xam 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. awesome indeed

  3. Fantastic event for the Bangladeshi.Those who want to be freelancer like me,they will be encouraged.But I could not attend there.
    Thanks Devs Team

  4. Imtiaz Faisal says

    Awesome event! Really I Missed it because I didn’t know about it. I will be happy if I can join with all of the oDeskers in the next time.

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