Updated: 5 Jun, 2014

How Much Should I Spend on SEO Service?

This is the most common question of nowadays  that how much an individual or company have to spend for SEO service. Like any other business you have to chalk out the cost for SEO service with a view to running this one well.  But it is really tough to identify the expenditure as this is not your easy and simple query. Anyways, to get some specific information over this service let’s find out some advices and prohibitions.

seo service cost and pricing

The Design for SEO Payment.

In a regular basis you have to fix something up. You know the costing for SEO depends on some criteria. Following these features you must be benefited. Let’s talk about it.

  • Select a retainer: A monthly retainer is exclusive payment model as it provides regular analytics report. Press release etc.
  • Contract services: this is the most important service among all SEO services. The best example is SEO website audit. It detects traffic presence, competitive analysis and so on.
  • Taking hourly rate: This is the popular method for taking fee against providing information.

Is there any fixed price for SEO service?

The cost actually depends on the range of your service. No fixed price is available.

  • In case of full service of SEO, Payments can be started from $2,000 to $4,500. It would definitely lessen if your plan of working is low.
  • It is better to keep price fixed for contract service. Budget one by one for SEO copywriting, site content audit and finally social media site.
  • The whole project based pricing may be variable. Normally projects cost $1,500 to $3,000. It is obviously smart thinking.

You should be careful of the following things.

Since google algorithm and service type of SEO are changing frequently so don’t believe in any guarantee. You may be deceived of it.

  • Don’t follow black hat SEO. You may be profitable instantly but in no time google would discover those technique. You must be penalized.
  • Search giant google itself does not know who would be the first ranker. If anyone promises you to have on SERP 1 position then don’t tread their trap
  • Always trust in that agency whose link building service is ethical as it is an important issue.

Remember before dealing.

Search Engine Optimization is a long term business. Most relevant and algorithm friendly service boost your business smoothly. So do not hurry! Instead of doing own service, give your project to the professional agency. Don’t be parsimonious always as this is your large project. So you should build a team for improving your business.

Eventually, this is recommendation for you. To get better service they may charge a bit more. After all you can fulfill of your expectation by them.

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