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Mobile SEO – Ways To Perform On Your Website!

This is the time of Mobile seo or Smartphone seo. There is a proverb goes to ‘prevention is better than cure’. Most internet marketers yet underestimate the value of mobile seo. But, the smart marketers start to use it when they realize the power of mobile Search Engine Optimization. This is really SEO friendly term for your blog and you will be astonished to see the increasing rate of your traffic, because the users of Smartphone are increasing day by day. One day they will control this industry without any doubt.

Many people don’t know how they optimize their site to get Google support. Google supports your mobile site if you have these three configurations which are given below:

  1. The site, which uses responsive web design, is supported by Google. It means your site should have same set of URLs and each URL should have the same HTML. You may change your CSS depends on your page. This is must have recommended configuration by Google.
  2. The site, which uses same set of URLs in all devices, but each URL provides different HTML and CSS.
  3. The site, which has separate URL’s for each device.How to do Mobile SEO

Okay, now we are going to discuss about mobile seo techniques. There are some common topics for mobile seo people want to know. Most of the people don’t know the accurate solution about these topics. Here I give 7 topics in a summary with my solutions.

  • Character Limitation of mobile site’s title

Most experts say that 45 words is the limitation of your mobile site’s title. But the best way is to check it by your own mobile site. It’s not any difficult task to check your mobile site’s title limitation.

  • Necessity of ‘m’ as a sub domain

You are not bound to do it, but it adds value to your site. It appears itself to the visitors more specific and clean. It looks user-friendly and helpful to rank your site easily.

  • Building link for similar mobile site

Some people say that link building is also needed for your mobile site. But, if your mobile site has responsive web design, then no need to do building link for your similar mobile sit.

Here, google says that, This two-way (“bidirectional”) annotation helps Googlebot discover your content and helps our algorithms understand the relationship between your desktop and mobile pages and treat them accordingly. When you use different URLs to serve the same content in different formats, the annotation tells Google’s algorithms that those two URLs have equivalent content and should be treated as one entity instead of two entities. If they are treated separately, both desktop and mobile URLs are shown in desktop search results, and their positions may be lower than they would otherwise be.”


So, it is clear that you don’t need to create link building for your mobile site separately since your mobile site is also considered with your desktop site.  Mobile SEO

1. Has it any effect to rank well in desktop seo for mobile seo?

Of course! It helps you a lot, if your desktop site is well ranked; then your mobile site also ranked quickly in Google. You get vast traffic from your desktop site to mobile site.

2. Mobile keyword search optimizing with multiple location

In this matter you have to create an internal mobile site architecture which optimized your focused keywords with your site’s internal pages.

3. Different content problem with user agent

It wouldn’t be a problem if you correctly identify your user agent and provide same contents to all devices. In this matter Google says that,
“When a website is configured to serve desktop and mobile browsers using different URLs, webmasters may want to automatically redirect users to the URL that best serves them. If your website uses automatic redirection, be sure to treat Googlebot and Googlebot-Mobile just like any other user-agent and redirect them appropriately.”

So, according to these speeches we learned that if you can’t identify then you would face problem.

4. HTTP redirects for mobile seo

You can check it by “web sniffer”. By using “web sniffer” you find your desired user agent to verify HTTP redirects. It is really useful.

Okay, these topics are enough for today. If you have any questions just knock me in comment section. Thank you.

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