Updated: 8 Nov, 2012

10 Mistakes Business Owners Do While Hiring a SEO Company

Google is changing its algorithm for search engine ranking so frequently. They are trying their best to provide a fresh and awesome search engine result page (SERP) to end user. To cope with these frequent changes, you have to be smarter and should follow the best practices, otherwise your site will no longer be found on SERP. But to do business online, Search Engine visitors in must for YOU!

As Search Engine Optimization is a changing industry and takes so long time to rank a site, Most of the firms don’t really want to have a pain behind them besides their daily operations through physical and internet life. They usually give this job to a specialized SEO company and sometimes make a follow up what the SEO Company is doing on behalf on them. That’s good to go. But you must know if there is any mistake choosing those services. (You will lose huge clients if you don’t care!)

SEO Mistakes

As we are working on this industry for so long time, facing various kinds of clients asking for SEO services. Most of the clients come to us, are returning from other SEO Companies. They return from so called SEO gurus because of not getting targeted result. I have listed some common and stupid mistakes business owners usually do while choosing a SEO company.

The list we have prepared just to aware you regarding the issue you need to be alerted.

  1. Self-proclaimed no.1: Ha ha ha, that’s really funny, you’ll see some SEO services providers will put on their website – “We are no. 1 announced by Google” and Google doesn’t know about it. Please check Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and you will learn Google doesn’t ensure anyone’s ranking regarding this issue.
  2. 100% Success: Wow, that’s cool, and nobody seen your company’s name on forbes magazine or even in mashable. Please, don’t believe in it, nobody is 100% successful in their field, neither are you. Avoid those scams.
  3. Not reading the proposal: Please don’t do that misjudgment to your SEO provider. Don’t generalize the services, the company can provide you varied services and they might not have something you expect. After giving a job to them if you demand something they can’t do, it’s your fault, not theirs.
  4. Not checking references: If you see a SEO company is mentioning a lot of references, you must check some of those if those’re valid. The world is full of fools and some companies target fool customers. We don’t want you to call a certified fool.
  5. Not checking their own Rank: A SEO company should have their own ranking on Google. If they don’t have, should you believe them that they can rank you on SERP? Most of the business owners do this mistake; they don’t check the SEO Company’s ranking before hiring them. PLEASE don’t do the stupid thing again!
  6. Believing in guaranteed ranks: Another super cool stupid mistake. A real professional cannot ensure you always rank 1 among search hits. If anyone can give you that guarantee, please check if they have money back guarantee too.
  7. Not taking suggestions before choosing: Good SEO companies will always suggest you to improve your contents in various ways before they start work for you. They will explain you how your site is going to be developed for ranking. If you don’t want to hear it, please don’t try to complain in further after getting services. This is not a good practice.
  8. Not seeing ranking reports: C’mon, it’s your website. You must be checking your rankings. These reports will tell you how your site is ranked for which keywords.
  9. Not requesting analytics: Most of the SEO organizations will provide analytics report. At least they will provide Google and Bing. Best is if they provide their specialized automated generated report.
  10. Paying full in advance: You pay full in advance, somehow if they forget about you; you’re in a real trouble. Don’t do this mistake never ever. If you pay full in advance, the SEO firm might lose interest in you and will give lesser efforts.
About Al-Amin Kabir

I am one of the Co-Founders of DevsTeam, now acting as a Managing Director for the company. Also working at Marketever, a company specializes in affiliate marketing resources and software.


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