Penguin Proof: Manual Blog Commenting Service!

“ If Blog Commenting is done right; you can save 90% of your time and money while building Backlinks for your site. ”
Manual Blog Commenting
  • Relevancy Is Our Priority: No matter how many comments you want from us; we make it niche based and extremely relevant.
  • Real Comment Ensured: Every time we publish a comment; we write it on the spot based on the topic of the site.

Blog Commenting Service Features:

Above 20+ Trust Flow & PA

We just don't go and comment randomly. We find and list high authority sites and move on!

Niche Based Comments That Adds Value

We strongly believe that, irrelevant comment doesn't add value to the website itself and your link too.

Permanent One Way Link

Wherever we comment; we make sure that your website or money site gets a direct link.

50% Anchor Text & Generic KW Variation

While comment we vary the Anchor Text so that it looks natural to Google and other search engines.

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Manual Blog Comments


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Manual Blog Comments


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Manual Blog Comments


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Manual Blog Comments


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Manual Blog Comments.


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In case if we can't deliver you the comment numbers you ordered; you will be able to request a full refund and we are bound to  pay you back. This Money Back Guarantee is applicable to all the packages mentioned above. Remember, our 80% comments will be approved as we are the master of this industry and sometimes comments take little bit of time to get approved; so please have a patience. :)