Updated: 11 Jan, 2015

Top 5 Advanced Link Building Method in 2015

Gone are the days when you could just plant links wherever you want. After the release of Google Penguin updates especially after the Google Penguin 3.0 update, you shouldn’t think about just building links in traditional way. But since backlinks are still one of the major means of ranking higher in SERP, so there is no other way than building links but following some specific rules.

While building links, now you have to ensure the relevancy and quality of your created backlinks to get the best out of them. Building links with duplicated contents, creating thousands of backlinks with the same anchor text etc. are strongly prohibited at present times. Old/traditional backlinking strategies like social bookmarking, web directory, article directory etc. aren’t working as like before. Now you have to adopt something different that will help you rank higher in SERP without breaching latest search engine quality guidelines. So you have to think out of the box and then take necessary actions to make it work in this new year. Here are some most effective and advanced ways to build high quality backlinks:

link building method 2015

Blog Aggregators: These blog aggregators are really great source for creating backlinks as they organize the best blog contents from the web. The basic difference between these blog aggregators and web directories is that they also pull contents from RSS feed, which links back to your content. When submitting your blog to these blog aggregators, be sure to keep your description in brief and professional. Here are a few blog aggregators that you should consider while submitting your blog:

1-800 Number Listing Sites

I am quite sure that you didn’t ever think about getting backlinks simply having a 1-800 number. You can find a few of phone number listing sites from where you can easily get backlinks by submitting your 1-800 phone number to their directories. Here are some phone number listing sites:

CSS & Logo Submission

If you have a decent and professional looking website, then you can earn high quality backlinks by submitting your web design in different CSS submission sites. But for such submission, you first have to make sure that your website is running with a highly customized free theme or with a completely from-scratch unique theme. Here is a list of high PR CSS & Logo design submission sites:

Audio Sharing

You can also use audio sharing websites for earning high quality backlinks to your website. Most of the audio sharing sites allow dofollow links having lots of domain authority and trust. Luckily, almost all audio sharing websites aren’t moderated, so you can create backlinks on those websites by sharing a piece of music there. Here is couple of high PR audio sharing websites from where you can get dofollow links:

Infographic Marketing

Infograph can play a really vital role in building a strong and powerful brand image. It has the ability to transform a boring collection of statistics, facts and figures into a stunning masterpiece. You may find lots of free and paid infographic creating and sharing websites on the web. Here are a few free websites from where you can create stunning and interactive infographics:

There are numerous other ways with which you can still build backlinks for your website without any fear of losing ranking in search results. But the methods that I discussed above will surely help blast ranking position in this year of SEO 2015!

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  1. Hi @Nasir va,
    As usual you have shared a juicy content about Making high quality back-links. Really, this will help me setup a back-links campaign.

  2. How to submit technorati.com … please give me the right answer.

  3. Submitting links to PDF sharing sites also a good way to acquire high quality back links.

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