Life at Devsteam

We Not Only Code But Also Do Unlimited Fun

Coming to office in time and going out in same mood is not the way we work through. We laugh, do fun, do criticize, inspire and quote the funniest memories of our surroundings while working.

We chit-chat often, have tea and even prepare our weekly slides with tons of funny materials.
We share our lacking with other mates, help others with possible solutions and spread our hand when any of our team get troubled.
Most importantly, we care, we love, we befriend and can do anything under pressure what we really love to do.

We Hang Out Often

In order to relief from continuous works, we often go out from our workspace to anywhere which we love and it gifts us the chance to embrace the green.

Visiting various Entertainment Park, Heritage Park and places not only refresh our mind; but also help us to improve the productivity.

Hanging out with all of the colleagues snaps some unforgettable memories of life that are worth-sharing and remembering too.

Our Cultures & Environment

We work at fully furnished modern office along with maintaining all the general office rules, regulations and standard etiquette.

Everybody can go through their best day of productivity as nobody are there to disturb and nobody are there to shout. We believe in inspiration and motivation.

We appreciate each good works done by anybody in our office. We arrange long party for particular occasion like Birthday, Appreciation Day and any kind of special days.

We Go Social

We take part in various social event, tech-meetup along with most of the seminars, symposium and discussion forum. Thus way, all of the DevsTeamians can meet new peoples, new mates to hang with.