How We Reached More than 3 Lac People For Laptop Fair!

Project Name : How We Reached More than 3 Lac People For Laptop Fair!
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Project Details

Project Name : Laptop Fair

Client Name : Muhammad Khan

Categorys : Social Media Marketing

Skils : SMM, Facebook Advertisement, Google Analytics

Project URL :

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Project Goal
Upraising people via social media and various Internet Marketing campaign to the Laptop Fair into new venue.

Why We Were Chosen:
> Our creativity, marketing ideas and effective Internet Marketing strategy assisted us to get recruited by Laptop Fair authority.
> Our several successful project & complete social media marketing experiences was enough to handle this event and we were finally chosen.

What We Did?
> We performed an aggressive Internet Marketing campaign.
> We run an effective Social Media Campaign.
> Ran Facebook Advertising Campaign.
> We engaged visitors and introduced them with new venue.
> We performed an open seminar which attracted several hundred people in one roof.

Project Outcome:
> Reached people via social media.
> Gathered huge crowds only using Internet Marketing to an unknown place where no event like this was held before.