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Internet Marketing Services | Why Bangladeshi Companies Need to Adopt It ?

Starting a business in Bangladesh however is getting more competitive in this edge of business flourishment, economic uncertainty and variety of options to the customer. Today’s marketing techniques are the result of a huge technological and internal movement within this last decade. Some multinational companies have introduced us some real exceptional marketing methods and local companies are in competition. Now the key to success for these businesses are choosing the right method of marketing and providing the right message to the customer.

Internet is getting popularity now days. About 6 Million Bangladeshi people are using Internet these days and promoting any product or services to these huge amount people is very much possible these days on internet.

Internet Marketing Services in Bangladesh

And as most of the educated portion of consumer section of Bangladesh are aware of internet usage, so it’s been an effective medium for media marketers and promoters. On the other hand people are adding more and more product variation performing the same services. Now customer’s decision is, choose anything whatever it takes better. Here comes the problem, if an average Bangladeshi company could afford to huge expenses for marketing while competing with several brands? I would say no. Most of the startup firms are not able to cover marketing solutions expenses while they are not using any least expensive method. I give you a better solution, internet marketing.

Fact: Internet is cheap.

Explanation: Suppose you’re a startup company, would you like to create a list of expenses overlooking the cost reduction plan? Of course not. So what are you going to do anyway? Reduce your marketing cost, do it yourself, write something and publish it to internet. No need to hire people, no need of management, you can do it alone and you’re able to start a professional marketing approach within your facebook friend list.

Fact: A lot of people over internet.

Explanation: How many friends do you have? I didn’t ask how many of them you met in reality. In facebook, on an average you might have friends over 300 (I said a minimum), in twitter you’ve got bunch of people (maybe 50 or more, you know that), in linkedin (you didn’t count it yet, a lot) and a little something more. Think you’re printing 1000 leaflet and distributing it. In our country most of the people will use it to light stoves, a total messy loss for you, must feel sorry. But just type in some word, put in a picture, share it over facebook, you can post a blog about your product and share it over twitter and linkedin, and alson in google+ and so on other social networking areas. You won’t believe it, it is a viral messaging, your friends will watch it, and tell their friends, hey look, my friend is doing this and that. If you don’t know what it is called, I say you it is social sharing. Most of the time you pay nothing while you lecture or share posts over your social networking account. Use it effectively, make some profit. I say saving money makes you profit, not making sales.

Fact: Viral marketing is more effective. (Please don’t make it a virus)

Explanation: I hope you know about word of mouth. More than 50% of your customers will buy your products or services through viral marketing (listening from others or taking references) whatever marketing strategies you take. Now you tell me, when people make purchase decision through shared knowledge, what else is faster than internet to make your messages viral? Internet is your business God.

What Type of Internet Marketing Is Suitable For Bangladeshi Company?

By analyzing the demographics, data from reliable sources and by having a small online survey we have selected some of the most effecting internet marketing services in Bangladesh. Here is a list of these:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing to Targeted Customers
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Advertising on Ads Network
  • Brand and Reputation Management

Now we see, internet is getting more effective for marketing. It is lesser costly. And it is good for faster marketing. Why would you miss the opportunity to give your product a place beside the online markets outside Bangladesh? People can buy from there too. I hope you all have a better judgment than me. Luckily DevsTeam Limited have started to provide internet marketing services in Bangladesh and you all can contact the Service department for further proposal.

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