Updated: 23 May, 2012

How I Have Made The DUians Crazy to Freelancing & Blogging At DUITS Seminar

Don’t know whether this writing is too much late or not; but I feel it standing to a reason to be shared now! We the DevsTeam got invited from Dhaka University IT Society to perform an Outsourcing Seminar at 7th May’2012. There I conversed about Blogging & Affiliate Marketing and I showed various ways to earn money by Blogging or Affiliation. Participants of that Seminar were more interested to the Web Entrepreneurship rather than Freelancing.

DUITS Seminar, ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের আই.টি সোসাইটির সেমিনার

Usually the students of Dhaka University are too much talent and they are mostly interested to get a good job after their graduation. But when I was done performing my Speech; all of my conceptions about the DU students seemed wrong. Moreover, the participants were too much spirited and eager to hear me.

DUITS Seminar

The students and participants were waiting for our Seminar with vast interest even though they were very much tired of full day classes along with various occasions. As I am a Blogger & Affiliate Marketer, I talked about only Blogging and Affiliation. I have given only 30 minutes for that Seminar and I had to present the Details of Blogging & Affiliation on within that given 30 minutes. Actually it is too much tough to go deep deeper into these huge blogging & affiliation industry at only 30 minutes. But I tried my best to serve something valuable to the DU students and teach them about the basics of Blogging & Affiliate Marketing. Firstly, I started my speech on about What is Blogging. I observed all of the students were hearing me eagerly and attentively which boosted up my confidence. Then I talked about how to blog, what to know to start a blog and how to be self-dependent by Blogging in addition to some similar stuffs. Later I also delivered my speech about what is affiliate marketing, what to know to be a successful affiliate marketer and how to earn money by affiliation and so on.

In the case study section, I told everybody about my Blogging Career. I talked about from when I started my blogging, how I started, how much time it took to be a successful blogger and the present blogging conditions etc. everybody were amazed to hear my story. It’s because they couldn’t even imagined that, it is very much possible to earn thousands of Dollars per month by staying in a country like Bangladesh.

As I had a very little time in my hand; I directly went to the Question & Answer (Q&A) part. I was sure enough that, coming questions from the students will be easy and guessable. But for the second time my thoughts proved as wrong. I was surprised to get various questions from the students. They are too much advanced than what I assumed. The very first question I got – Bro, I want to blog and have been waiting for so long to get proper guidelines like this. Today’s seminar will be too much beneficiary for us. But my question is- “Is there any websites from where we can get more information about Blogging”?

I gave some website address that day. Some of these are- Problogger.net, Copyblogger.net and Mashable.com . Finally, I suggested them to learn by searching on Google


  1. Masud vai is always damn good in speaking to Publics. Awesome Boss awesome!

  2. Well done my dear friend. Keep it up…………

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