Updated: 29 Mar, 2013

How Google Process Search Results at Each Query?

When we search anything in Google; the result shows instantly. This is really an amazing! But, have we ever thought that how Google is showing such correct results within a mili-second? Or have we thought ever that what the process or steps involved in Google’s Search process?
Here, the 3 simple but exact process will be described about how Google is usually shows the data at their result page and what the tasks are done at their backend.

The basic method of showing results in search engine is:

  • Crawling & Indexing Contents.
  • Algorithm to Filter.
  • Final Search Result.

So, the details of each steps are as follows:

How Google Search Result Works

1. Google Crawling And Indexing

When a new page is added in cyber space; Google Bot comes and crawl it. After crawling, each data is sorted and indexed to store on their huge data center.

2. Google Algorithms To Filter Results

More than 200 algorithms are followed by Google in this stage to refine search results when anybody put a keyword through search engine’s search box. At that filtering time the following steps are strictly checked by Google:

  • Keywords submitted by Web User:
  • Algorithms to find out Clues related to searched query
  • Understating of Query on the bases of various clues
  • Pulling out documents from Index on the bases of clues
  • Ranking of Web page in Google Search Results
  • Freshness of Website and Content
  • Snippets of Web Pages
  • Answers for Quick Facts

3. Fighting with Spam

To filter out the spam from search result, Google’s engineer works a lot to identify the spammers. They have developed lots of factors to detect spam. The following issues works on behalf of it:

  • User Generated Spam Content
  • Automated Spam Content
  • Parked domains Without Content
  • Thin content with little or no added value for end users
  • Hosted Website on Spammy free hosts
  • Cloaking or Unnatural redirects
  • Hacked or Malware infected Websites
  • Notification to Spam Website Owners
  • Bad SEO practices.

These are the process Google follows within when any search is conducted and from the time when the search result is appeared on the result pages.

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