Updated: 1 May, 2012

How DevsTeam is Different than Other Like Minded Company in the Industry?

Since the day our Company DevsTeam started rolling this virtual world; a lot of peoples like you have asked us over phone and FB messages about how we are offering stuffs differently and what’s the unique part of our Company as there are hundreds and thousands of  like minded Company exist?

Well, we believe; we are different than others. You see, we are providing services, products and courses that others also providing but the main fact is that; we are treating it as our passion and working hard to go deep deeper into every kind of services we are providing. This is something like, mixing the experiences with real passion to helping others, going with a real project, facing real problems and overcoming it with hardcore experts is the only way to make stuffs different and this is how we are conducting DevsTeam.services, products and courses by DevsTeam

How Our Offered Courses Is Different & Unique Than Others?

  • Yes! Our Professional Blogging Course is different than any other Institutes available in Bangladesh. Those days have gone when peoples were busy to create a blog and dreamed of to make money by it. In this days, you must have to comprehend with the latest algorithm of Search Engines about how to construct your pages and posts, how to write content that will eventually be found by Search Engines easily, how to apply your desired Keywords into post to make it understandable both the Search Engines and your valuable visitors and etc. You just can’t hope to make money by posting some irrelevant and less optimized article on your blog. As professional Blogging and Hobby blogging is completely different; you must have to learn how to blog professionally along with basic and advanced level blogging know-hows that DevsTeam is providing right now!
  • If you want to know about why we say that our Affiliate Marketing Course is best than any other of this country? Well, have you ever found any Institute located in Bangladesh who have provided lessons on how to select a Keyword that is well-suited with the Affiliate Marketplace and which is a Buying Keywords that will be huge profitable if you can rank it on Search engines (DevsTeam Institute shows you how to rank a Keyword too)? Who have provided lessons on how to make faster and effective contents for an Affiliate Blog that will surely converts your Visitors into a buyer? Who are providing lessons on what marketplace to go with and how you will be paid out eventually? But, we Do. We have also launched a Course named English For Bloggers and Affiliate marketers which would help you to stand out from the crowds though you are not a native English speaker and simply weak in making contents.
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO Courses is one of the over- saturated stuffs that we the Internet Geeks are well-aware of. Even, if you are not familiar with this SEO thing, you might have seen some posters and banners somewhere in alley of Dhaka. But have you ever asked yourself that; how many of these are providing lessons regarding these constantly changing SEO algorithms? I am sorry, if you still learning about the stuffs like Adding ALT tag in image, mentioning Keywords in your post as much as you can and Buying cheap Links from oDesk or Fiverr at hundreds of time to get your site ranked. Be smart and go in right track; otherwise your valuable time will be killed without any benefits and your site will be penalized by the Search engines by the affect of Negative SEO.
  • If you talk about the Courses related to Programming and Developing like Joomla Development Course, Web Designing & Graphic Course and Web Development Course; then DevsTeam is the Institute which is undoubtedly distinguished in this country. Though; this Company has been started recently; but DevsTeam has accumulated some really professional and experienced Programmer, Developer and Designer who are real guys to provide you lessons that you require having a blast in your career.

How Our Services Is Professional & Precise Than Others?

In this stage we are emphasizing a very few services to maintain our Quality to best. Most of the time you just Order for the Service; and we the Team will brainstorm for it and gather innovative and unique ideas to let you feel better and proud as a customer. We provide fully professional Virtual Assistant service to make your online based business easier and successful and they will take the responsibility of doing everything no matter whether you know about how an online business is to be continued or not. Our Web Development Service and Web Design Service are dedicated to provide you the best design in the industry and develop your site with the best structure & codes that makes your site faster which also looks great & professional and the Search Engine optimizing Service to make the Search Engines crawl your site instantly. If you don’t have enough time to write content for your corporate site; then don’t worry. We have a team of professional and unique Article Content writers who can do this task for you.

Any comments or feedbacks of our Courses and Services will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

About Nasir Uddin Shamim

I am one of the Co-Founders of DevsTeam. Trying my best to provide you bunch of awesome articles here from my experiences. Follow me on my SEO Blog or in Twitter for constant updates of useful resources. Thank You!


  1. Syed Zubair Monzur says

    Bro, ASSALAMUALIKUM .i am a student of B.Pharm in UODA. In 2010, i took a course on Blogging & Goolgle Adsence. But It was just cheating me…..due to lack of proper guidance , i cannot earn a single penny from it . But now, i have restarted myself and i want take an effective course on outsourcing.
    i have a little knowledge on c programing. i am a medium level internet user. my english skill is IELTS SCORE(5 or 5.5).
    Now i want to take SEO course form your institution. IS IT SUITABLE FOR ME? BCOZ at this moment i can afford only 1 course fee of ur’s. if this project is not successful i have to quit for about 6 months to recollect money, for another. i am waiting 4 ur reply.

  2. Currently I am doing SEO course and I complete my B.B.A from BracU. Currently i am interseted to learn blogging or affiliate marketing which should be better for me.

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