Updated: 30 Sep, 2012

Google Business Group Dhaka Event was Rocking!!!

For the first time, DevsTeam participated in Google Business Group (GBG)-Dhaka Event. This event was fabulous with lots of high profile IT personnel, their spontaneous presence and active participations on various discussions. Thanks to GBG-Dhaka Founder Nash Islam for considering DevsTeam to deliver a case study about Google Adsense and the best practices. Thank You!

This event was started in time at 2.00 PM. The Speakers, IT Specialists, Founders of various IT Ventures, Chiefs of various IT Start-Ups made this event one of largest Information Technology hotspot. Shamim Vai from Akhoni.com, Asif Vai from BIMPA, Ivy Apu from Maya, Fahim Vai from BASIS, Nash vai from GBG, Moinur Vai from VITIZO, Lutfi vai from G&R, Arif Vair from BanglaBot, Khaled Vai from ABH, Samuels from BGlobal Sourcing, Fayez Vai & Salman Vai from GBG and Sunny Vai from Elite and its me from DevsTeam had an awesome day there. We together talked with each other, shared our views and opinions of various Internet Marketing and Business strategies and technologies. We also get us known to each other and shared our own company’s tasks and planning. Leveraging the experiences and new ideas was it’s utmost level and I never realized how much inspiring the whole stuff it could be if I didn’t go there to deliver my speech.DevsTeam Google Business Group Event

Anyways, on behalf of DevsTeam family I went there with my presentation stored on my Lappy. But the interesting part was that; Nash vai downloaded my presentation from the mail I sent him last night and added to the slides queue on his Mac Book. That was great! Really great!

I was the very first speaker of that event. I started my own way and of-course in Bangla. I stated a story about a little boy who was poor but later how he succeeds in his life by having a Google AdSense Account. Later I described the basics of AdSense Best practices about where to put an Adsense Unit, What the color templates should be and what the size it should have. I have also shared some screenshots of my blogs where I put AdSense Units along with the recent Screenshot of my earnings!

Here is my Presentation on which I talked about- “Google AdSense Best Practices”. Download it now!!

In addition; I have also shared how DevsTeam are creating the Bloggers to change their life and what DevsTeam is currently offering as their services.

Thank you Nash vai again for inviting us and giving us the scope to meet with likeminded IT guys and companies of Bangladesh. Hope, we the DevsTeam will rock again with GBG’s Next event.

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  1. I have just check your presentation. And I am going to optimize my adsense ads.
    Thanks for sharing slides!

  2. thanks for sharing…this is really helpful.

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