Updated: 30 Nov, 2014

Does Google Adwords Affect On Organic SEO Ranking?

Whenever you search anything on Google; you will find two blocks of ads and one of these are at top of the page and another one at sidebar.

As Advertisement is the main business of Google and they has been providing search engineering for free for public backing with just the ads; people always get confused thinking that –

“Will my search position get affected if I stop advertising on Google?”

Really! The question has become very typical for the recent days that really a website would get hurt when ads are removed? And very frankly speaking is no, the why is, paid marketing helps boosting traffic visibility on search engine. Listen to the legend thinking on the concerning issue.

Neil Patel, the successful internet marketer expresses his opinion that –

Paid marketing definitely upgrades the page rank and that’s why no one has to think on that over and over again. Besides getting more conversion rate, lots of traffics move your site in the mean time and most importantly they get hypnotized your content and factual information what need actually.

Instead of having any detrimental behavior, you would get lots of sales, the same as Return on Investment (ROI). Studies show, the fluctuation of paid marketing or irregularity of visitor doesn’t matter actually. But simultaneously it is true, when the ads are removed, visitor may not get land the site as the before and obviously this fact can’t be the reason for site unranked.

paid marketing affect

As paid marketing is not the responsible for outranking then what are the key factors for getting down your website from search engine? Yes you are not nourishing the traffic to provide engaging and informative content. The same factor is for SEO, if the site doesn’t follow the search engine algorithm then it is very common fact for move away from home page.

Remember! Paid advertising and the presence of visitor on the webpage are not quite same always as the fact perfectly depends on your tactics for search engine. Although different school do have many thoughts but the typical characteristics is your affordably for the concerning issue. On page and Of page SEO, especially, advance link building is the most crucial and consistent way for that.

Google Webspam Director Matt Cutts says about this stuff in a video and here it has been embedded:

Search Engine Optimization is only for them who seek long term benefit for their website. In fact you are getting targeted and stable visitor to do the optimization. There is an extreme misconception over the search engine and paid marketing issue, it gets unranked and horizontally goes away the visitors when ads are thrown away.

To scrutinize the whole thing, take the best suggestion for you from the expert that no harm and severe change you are going to face to remove ads. Don’t listen all for modifying the site. What then about paid marketing? Yes do it for getting more visitor and conversion rate and allegedly, when you will feel to remove then okay with your website.

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