Updated: 5 Apr, 2014

How To Start Facebook Ads From The Scratch?

If you still don’t know how to start your very first Advertising Campaign on Facebook; then this article is for you. Here I have showed you a step by step guidelines on how to start Facebook Ads for your own Pages.

I described the one way of getting your Ads live; but when you will go through the whole process by yourself; you will find more advanced arena for better tweaking and customizing that suits with your business. But still, the Beginners will get some straight-forward help from this post.

If you can’t handle the whole process; then take help from Facebook Advertising Bangladesh services provided by DevsTeam itself. Otherwise, do it yourself by following the Advertising steps mentioned below.

So, lets get started!!!

Step 1: Click On This Link. You will get a window exactly like the image below. Click over the “Create An Ad” button.

facebook advertising bangladesh

Step 2: Decide what type of Facebook Advertising Campaign you want to run. If you want to promote any of your post published on your pages; then select the first one. Or, if you want to get likes then select the button #2. Follow the sample image at below. After selecting the right type of ads, click on Continue button.

select facebook ads

Step 3:  Upload a beautiful and engaging Image for your Ads. Try to make it colorful, enticing and appealing. fb ads bangladesh

Step 4: Give your ads a CATCHY Headline on “Headline” box. Input a short but “Call-To-Action” oriented description in “Text” box. You will be able to see your Ads live on the preview tab at right. facebook ad tutorial

Step 5: Selecting the Audience is very import. Here you will have the chances to decide and select whom to show your Advertisement, how older they should be, from which areas of this world they should come from and what specific interest they should have and whether they should be connected to your page already or not.

Selecting right audience in FB ads

Step 6: After finalizing your right category, connection to whom issues in previous step; its time to finalize your campaign budget, Ads Scheduling if you would like to, adding your Ads Set Name for further reporting and bidding option. In Bidding option, i recommend you to choose “Bid for Page Likes” option as it will cost you for every likes you get. Eventually, when you will find everything set up; click on the “Place Order” button at the bottom of the page.

setting facebook ads campaign bangladesh

Steps 7: A Payment Method option will triggered to you where you will have to select the right payment gategay to pay to Facebook. It is worth mentioning that, your Account Name and your Credit Card or PayPal account name must be same for start paying FB. Click on the continue button and fill up all the required information accurately.

payment for facebook ads Bangladesh

Steps 8: If you can successfully follow the steps mentioned above; your Ads account may be activated now and fully read to go ahead. Facebook will review your Ads before its go live. So, wait couple of hours to let it be approved by Facebook and VOILA.

Hope, you can run your own Facebook Advertising Campaign by yourself now! Cheers!

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  1. md. jafor says

    i have a question about step no 07. which card facebook approved? is it have to be visa international card or visa card?

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