Updated: 28 Aug, 2012

EID Days of DevsTeam | How Geeks Enjoyed This EID-Ul-Fitr!

This was the first EID for DevsTeam family. Undoubtedly this has been one of the best EID for everyone. It’s not usually like other EIDs what we have been passed before. All of our recent achievements had a huge effect on our whole vacation.

Though we were in vacation; we had to face lots of queries of IT interested peoples. Well, let’s snatch the quotes of everyone about how everybody passed their EID vacation. DevsTeam EID

Our honorable CEO Al-Amin Kabir shared his EID moments as- “I bring new success stories every time I go to Jessore since 2009 (From the first time I came to Dhaka). Probably, this time I brought the biggest success stories to my mom-dad.

1. I quit my day to day job!
2. Built DevsTeam Limited!!
3. Won an International Award!!!
4. Featured on most of the Bangladeshi newspapers, Live on several TV and Online podcast!!!!
5. Completed the back-end tasks for several international service brand (Surely we will bang the world again!)
6. Got some awesome mates, fans and well wishers!!!”

And This is the best Eid I have enjoyed ever! 🙂

Our Honorable CMO & Head of Institute of DevsTeam Taher Chowdhury Sumon shared his feelings as- “I had passed another awesome EID of my life. Really this Eid-Ul-Fiter was special for me. Though the rainy days made obstacles; I passed my days by playing Cards, making fun with my childhood friends and so on”.

Honorable CTO of DevsTeam Eunus Hosen shared his feelings as- “It was Awesome! This is the first time; I was totally disconnected from Internet. But I really missed my virtual life. Had a great time with my friends, fans and family members.”

Honorable CFO of DevsTeam Masudur Rashid shared his feelings – “I was in real fun at the whole vacation. Had several dates with my Girl Friend and passed the best EID ever.”

Well, this is my turn. Frankly speaking, I have passed the best EID of my life. Joined in several FnF picnics, met several new friends, got lots of greetings and enjoyed each days up to the fullest.

So, how do you guys have passed your EID days? Please share your feelings as comments below.

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