Updated: 4 Nov, 2012

How an Effective Email Marketing Campaign Can Drive Targeted Visitors

Today’s trends in social media marketing are making people forget about email marketing. But in some cases e-mail marketing can be more effecting for campaign purposes. There is no doubt, still there are many companies are making successful email campaigns. If you are not sure about how to get started with this way, I suggest you stick right with me till this article ends.

Does E-Mail marketing actually work? Let me show some statistic first!

The DMA puts email marketing’s ROI for 2011 at $40.56 for every $1 invested. The figure for 2012 is predicted to “fall” to $39.40, when email will account for $67.8 billion in sales

Source: Mangrill

A 2012 survey of consumer channel habits and preferences found 77% preferred to receive permission-based promotions via email: 6% preferred such messages via social media

Source: MarketingProfs

In April 2011, 79% of search marketers said email had grown in importance as a source of leads

Source: MarketingShera

As an Internet Marketing Professional, I have some experience on E-Mail campaign maintaining. From my personal experience, I have made a list of 6 steps here to follow while performing an email marketing campaign.

Step 1, first make a good looking campaign theme, and create some offers. Create something to be written in the e-mail body so that your reader can understand what the e-mail is about. More than 90% of your readers will move your e-mail to spam folder or delete it if they don’t find it useful. So try to keep some utility in it.

Step 2, mention names rather mentioning dear sir/madam. This will be better and keep your reader interested. This will make him/her feel important. This is a psychological treatment while you are contacting anyone for professional reason with a personalized message. Everyone loves to give value for specialized efforts.

Step 3, maybe you’ve a great number of target to send e-mails and you’re thinking me a nerd to tell you give everyone personalized e-mail. Yes, there is a technique, don’t tell everyone, it’s very secret, first you mention the name, then group your targets into several groups so that you can just make some personalized emails for those groups. This will allow you to send those group e-mails to all in the groups. That simple this is.

Step 4, and please don’t mention just the delighted company name after regards. Try to put someone’s name like CEO or CMO or CCO, anyone’s name. Readers like to know someone contacted them, not just the company itself is going to advertise itself. This will increase your influence over the reader to 150%. If you don’t believe me, try it.

Step 5, include some feedback options and direct link to your website into the mail. Around 60% of customers don’t follow up marketing campaigns if they need to search it over internet. So, don’t forget it to let your e-mail bring your customers rather expecting customers to visit your website in their choice.

Step 6, offer something within your e-mail. Or the e-mail will be a real crap to any reader. If you don’t have any product/service proposal in your marketing campaign this is going to be a real fail. And yes, also don’t forget to give any discount or rush offer if you can manage. This might influence your audience to buy your product even if they didn’t want to.

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  1. Email Marketing actually depends on the accurate customer you’re sending to. If you have a great list instead of a unusual biG list of your existing or potential customer, you’ll be the man! According to Wikipedia, ‘Email Marketing can only be powerful when it done accurately’. Here I focus on customer list in order to get success. Whatever you said about some useful tricks which may be very helpful for many experts and beginner! Thank you so much for point those notes.

    • Yap, we are focusing on creating huge but great list of targeted customers relevant to the specific industry. We have also discovered the awesome strategies to reach the targeted clients too.

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