Updated: 10 Sep, 2014

Penguin 2.0 Effects and Faster Recovery Process Unveiled

Finally, the storm “Google’s Penguin 2.0” has rolled out and made a great disaster on the whole web! In the noon of May 22, this Google Algorithm update proceeded. About 2.3% of English-US queries has been affected by this update. We have been hearing about it for  several last weeks. This time, as usually many ranked sites has been affected by this algorithm update and again, lots of websites are now ranked overnight in Google because of their ethical policy and user-friendly site.

By this update we learn that Google and Searchers are looking for three things:

  1. UX Excellence.
  2. Content that delights the targeted customer.
  3. Overall Coherence in Internet Marketing.

Strategies to Avoid Kick On Your Ass By Next Penguin Updates

           1. Link firming: Google always likes organic link earning. Most link farming sites are affected by this update. In a conversation, the head of Google’s Webspam team, Matt Cutts said that,

“If someone is paying for links that pass PageRank (which violates our quality guidelines), that can affect both the source site and the destination site.”

2. Unethical SEO for search engine: Google always says that make site for users, which would be user friendly. Users visit that site over and over; they could Social Media Marketing by sharing this site in social platforms. When your goal is to make a user friendly site than Google rank your site by itself. You can understand this by this quote,
“As long as you’re working hard for users, we’re working hard to try to show your high quality content to users as well.”

3.     Blackhat webspam tactics: Don’t ever try to do any kind of blackhat webspam tactics in your site. Penguin 2.0’s one of the main purposes is to protect blackhat users. Penguin 1.0 was dedicated to this point, but penguin 2.0 is more devoted to remove webspam sites from Google, this algorithm is deeper to fix webspam.

4.     Paid Native Advertising: There are many sites in US and as with as the whole world which pass their link juice to increase page rank by taking money. It violates the quality guidelines of Google. So, stop being do this further.

5.     Mass link building: Mass link building was a popular way to rank site. Try to stop this process; it will never help you after penguin 2.0. Ask yourself that does this link really valuable for your site.

Google Penguin 2.0 Recovery

Your SureFire Penguin Recovery Steps Here!

1. Earn quality link: Now, quality is much better than quantity to Google. So, try to get quality links to your site. Then, question is how to get quality links? Here I give you four elements. If you think that a site has all of these, then you could use this link.

(a)  Google Page Rank

(b)  How much traffic you will get from here.

(c)   Is the anchor text is loaded or not.

(d)  Is the site is indexed or not.

2.     Remove Unnecessary Links from your site: If your site is loaded by lots of unnecessary site, then remove them now. I sure, just for these links you could not rank in the SERP. To remove these unusual links you could use the disavow tool by Google. Here, you give the list of links that you don’t want to link up with your site. It helps you to remove these unwanted links.

3.     Increase Social Engagement: Make great contents in your site so that users feel that it should be shared in social media and they willingly share it in Social Medias. So, always try to make content that helps users. You also make your appearance in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

4.     Ethical SEO: Google always favor ethical SEO. So, always target to do ethical SEO. Try to learn common ethical SEO factors and apply it in your site. If you do ethical SEO and great contents in your site, Google must rank your site within a short time. Always engaged with Google’s update and try to learn ethical SEO.

5.     Relevant Internal linking: Try to interlink your pages in relevant links. It helps to improve page rank for your site because by interlinking every sites pass it’s llink juice to other. But, always make it relevant.

So, that’s the SEO strategy after Google’s latest algorithm update. Try to implement these in your site. If your sites de-ranked after this algorithm, you should implement these rules by now.

About Al-Amin Kabir

I am one of the Co-Founders of DevsTeam, now acting as a Managing Director for the company. Also working at Marketever, a company specializes in affiliate marketing resources and software.


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