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Ecommerce SEO Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, we usually get lots of query from different ecommerce owners. They typically have some questions that we reply via Email and phone conversation. You can send your own query too! Click here to do so.

For the large audience of Ecommerce Owners of Bangladesh; I have just found the most asked question along with some suggestions against it that anyone can follow. And the question is:

Why My E-Commerce site Is Not on Top of Google Search Result?

The answer:

Following some better rules and techniques, you can easily rank your e-commerce site on google SERP 1. From the very beginning, you should get a web designer, information expert and SEO consultant. Hopefully you don’t have to be outside of search results position from now on.

Follow the rules of google latest update.

The latest update of google algorithm exposes that the content must be unique with supreme quality. For staying on SERP, these all things are very important:

  • Bounce rate
  • Page layout
  • The diversity of site traffic.

Most importantly spend time on site. This is goes without saying that, getting unique content you need to inspire your users to upload reviews, comments and recommendation etc.

Ecommerce SEO Bangladesh

Be aware of duplicate content get solution.

Duplicate content must be the great barrier of staying on SERP. This problem may be fixed by modifying design and code. Using URL parameters and session IDs are worst matter in case of e-commerce websites. So take a look some initiatives:

  • Your links must have been canonicalised.
  • Referring consistent URL and submitting it to google.
  • Under the Digital Millennium Act, you can request google to remove that page where your content has been reused.

Choose keyword over quantity.

Choose a better keyword according to the demand of your traffic. In this case, long tail terms may be the best practice for you. Such as: TV. But if you use this long tail keyword such as: Samsunng HD TV that would be undoubtedly more effective. That’s why you have to research keyword perfectly and analysis your market.

Help google crawling your site easily.

E-commerce sites are not always optimized for googlebot actually. Some internal issues found on schema.org. You may use such types of URL since this will ensure of accessing your data. Nowadays many e-commerce sites do not maintain these tricky issues. Just because of they are facing of de-ranking problem.

Get in touch with google.

You can take advantage of google products if this search engine exists where you want to rank. In google product search, sites owner usually upload their products.  In your adward account you need link these feeds. Respecting the proper algorithm of it you can simply rank your site.

Be active on social community. Especially on google plus.

Many renowned brand and company are already available on facebook and twiter. Differently, you can brand your site on google plus. It would be more relevant since users can see photos, posts and others sharing by their friends related to their results. Having maintained these facts, you can easily rank your e-commerce site on search engine ranking position.

What If You Don’t Have That Much Technical Knowledge To Implement Above Mentioned SEO Tips For Ecommerce?


Well, it doesn’t mean that you must have to have SEO and Internet Marketing knowledge to run an ecommerce website and do business online. There are lots of affordable and renowned Internet Marketing Company who are promoting E-Commerce site online and driving enormous quality traffic that generates huge sale. And, we the DevsTeam is one of them. We are here to help you out regarding your E-Commerce Marketing and SEO issues.

We work in a very straightforward way. Like, selecting some high volume of searched keywords that could generate buying traffic and promoting these in Google and other search engines following all the White Hat method available. We also maintain social media profiles for each Ecommerce site we promote for better ranking on everywhere possible in Internet.

So, if you are looking for an Ecommerce SEO Expert in Bangladesh or a Company who can work with Ecommerce site ranking in Google to anywhere of this World; then just Contact Us. Click on the contact button located below to get a free SEO audit of your site along with an affordable quotes for SEO & timeframe required.

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  1. Thanks Nasir Vai for bringing this topic in light. Basically lots of people don’t even want to share this kind of information and i really appreciate your effort. Thanks again and waiting for your next article.

    Zakir Hosen

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