How We Helped Ecommerce Fair 2013 To Be Spread Nationwide

Project Name : How We Helped Ecommerce Fair 2013 To Be Spread Nationwide
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Project Details

Project Name : Ecommerce Fair 2013

Client Name : Abdul Wahed Tamal

Categorys : Web design

Skils : Creativity, HMTL/CSS, JavaScript, MysQL, PHP

Project URL :

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Project Goal
To perform an effective Internet Marketing & Social Media Campaign targeting to people who are already in Ecommerce Business and the people who are interested to E-commerce and planning to start a shop online.

Why We Were Chosen:
> Having the experiences of handling Internet Marketing issues for such big event previously.
> In Bangladesh we are the only one who are handling all the social media marketing and IM Marketing alone and have been successful on this.
> We were successful to make the Digital World event successful which gave us confident and we knew we can.

What we Did?
> Suggested contents for their website.
> Suggested what to focus in terms of Brand and what’s not.
> We performed a Facebook Advertising campaign which reached to people within just 1 week of timespan.
> We ran several Internet Marketing Campaign for the whole Fair.

Project Outcome:
> 2 lacks people engaged in the Facebook page of the fair.
> Some Seminars has been well-done with lots of crowds.
> New entrepreneurs and business people got the idea how to step into this market.

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